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Humes & Berg 101 Trumpet Straight Mute Standard


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Essential ensemble mute with a timeless tone.

The 101 Trumpet Straight Mute from Humes & Berg is designed for trumpet players seeking an easy-blowing mute that produces an authentic muted tone. This stone-lined mute allows for unrestricted airflow and consistent intonation across all registers so you can focus on your performance. Ensemble players will appreciate its ability to blend seamlessly with other instruments.

Blow Freely Without Compromise
The 101 Trumpet Straight Mute is engineered to enable free blowing without overreaching. Its streamlined design and lightweight stone lining reduce air resistance for an open feel. You'll be able to play dynamically without struggling to produce a sound. The 101 Trumpet Straight Mute makes it easy to achieve your ideal muted tone.

Hear Every Note Sing in Tune
This mute is crafted to provide accurate intonation for precise ensemble playing. Its stone lining helps notes speak clearly in all registers so you'll stay in tune with other musicians. The 101 Trumpet Straight Mute produces a muted tone that blends naturally without sticking out.

Experience an Iconic Muted Sound
The 101 Trumpet Straight Mute creates the classic muted trumpet tone recognizable in jazz and classical music. Its distinctive muted quality will inspire you to play melodies and solos that showcase this iconic sound. This mute delivers the perfect level of muting for a balanced, blended tone in any ensemble.

High Quality at an Affordable Price
Humes & Berg designed the 101 Trumpet Straight Mute to be durable yet budget-friendly. Constructed from quality materials built to last, this mute provides great value for any trumpet player seeking an essential practice or performance tool. You'll be able to enjoy its features for years to come at a reasonable price.

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