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Humes & Berg 102 Trumpet Cup Mute Standard


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A time-tested mute for flawless intonation and musicality.

The 102 Trumpet Cup Mute from Humes & Berg has been a staple for trumpet players since 1935. Its classic cup mute design delivers rich, open tones with accurate intonation for solo and ensemble work. The secret stone lining formula makes each note sing and allows for easy blowing in all registers. With a variety of models to choose from, the 102 Trumpet Cup Mute provides the perfect solution for any performance.

Accurate Intonation For Flawless Performance
The 102 Trumpet Cup Mute is precision engineered to allow flawless intonation for the demanding trumpet player. Each note speaks clearly with no distortion, allowing you to perform with confidence. The cup mute design provides a big, open sound ideal for solo work but also blends beautifully in any ensemble. Hear and feel the difference that accurate intonation makes to your performance.

Secret Stone Lining Enhances Tone and Response
At the heart of the 102 Trumpet Cup Mute's superior performance is its secret stone lining formula. The stone lining enhances each note with rich tone and vibrant color. It also allows for an easy, responsive blow with no resistance in any register. Experience full, open tones and effortless projection throughout your range. The stone lining is key to this mute's time-tested reputation for beauty of tone and playability.

A Variety of Models For Any Need
With a variety of models to choose from, the 102 Trumpet Cup Mute provides solutions for any playing situation. Select a model for solo work, ensemble or section use. Each provides the same rich tone, accurate intonation and responsive blow you expect from this classic brand. For over 80 years, the 102 Trumpet Cup Mute has been the choice of discerning players worldwide.

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