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Humes & Berg 152 Tenor Trombone Cup Mute Standard


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A timeless tone shaped by a secret formula.

The 152 Tenor Trombone Cup Mute from Humes & Berg delivers a professional muted tone with an easy feel and perfect intonation. Invented in 1935, this classic brass mute features a secret sound formula in its construction to shape your tone. Designed for trombonists, the 152 mute allows you to blow freely in all registers, whether playing solo or in a section.

Secret Formula Provides Ideal Muted Sound
At the heart of the 152 mute's outstanding tone is a proprietary lining made from a secret formula. This specialized material is used to line each mute, giving it the ability to produce muted colors of sound that are perfectly in tune. The result is a professional quality of tone that is ideal for any style of playing.

Plays in Tune for Flawless Intonation
Ensuring your muted notes speak with clarity and blend well with others, the 152 mute is engineered to play perfectly in tune. Its thoughtful design allows for easy blowing in all registers of the trombone, eliminating the pitchiness that can occur with some mutes. Whether you're playing a solo passage or performing with a section, the 152 mute delivers intonation you can count on.

Classic Yet Innovative Design
Though invented over 80 years ago, the 152 mute incorporates innovative features that have stood the test of time. Its classic cup mute design provides the traditional muted tone trombonists seek, but the secret formula used in its construction was an innovative solution to produce an easy feel and flawless intonation. This winning combination of classic style and forward thinking has made the 152 mute an industry favorite for generations.

Crafted for Solo and Ensemble Playing
Perfectly suited for any trombonist, the 152 mute excels whether you're performing solos, playing in a section or both. Its professional quality of tone and reliable intonation ensure you sound your best in any situation. The 152 mute gives you the freedom to focus on your playing, not your equipment. Order the 152 Tenor Trombone Cup Mute today.


  • Free-blowing
  • Plays perfectly in tune
  • Secret-formula lining