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IK Multimedia ARC System 4 Standard

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Room correction system for next-level audio accuracy.

The ARC System 4 is a digital room correction system designed to provide musicians and audio engineers with an accurate listening environment. It utilizes an accurate measurement microphone, powerful analysis software and an intelligent correction plug-in to eliminate the problematic reflections and resonances in your room, ensuring you hear exactly what was recorded. Now you can work faster and with more confidence, free of doubt about how your music will translate on other systems.

Hear Every Nuance With 3D Room Analysis

ARC System 4 employs IK Multimedia's award-winning Volumetric Response Modeling technology to create an advanced 3D model of your room's acoustic environment. By measuring your room at multiple points around the listening position, it identifies issues that could negatively impact your mix. It then applies a precise correction filter to provide you with a clear, balanced listening experience.

Natural Sounding Correction for Optimal Results

ARC System 4 utilizes an all-new, more natural sounding correction algorithm that delivers completely transparent results, recreating the feeling of working in a properly tuned room without an over-processed sound. You have the choice of a 21-point measurement for fixed setups or a streamlined 7-point measurement for on-the-go use, with both options providing incredibly accurate correction optimized for your unique room.

Take Control of Your Sound

ARC System 4 puts you in complete control of your correction profiles with adjustable settings to suit your preferences. Select from nine tailored target curves to shape your sound, set high and low frequency correction limits, adjust the resolution of the correction filter for either broad or surgical equalization and choose between natural and linear phase modes for precise stereo imaging. With over 20 studio monitor emulations to test your mixes, you'll have the versatility to optimize ARC for your needs.

A Powerful Toolkit for Improved Workflow

ARC System 4 includes useful metering tools to help you work efficiently. View PEAK, RMS, LUFS and dynamic range levels at a glance. A real-time spectrum analyzer lets you see your pre-corrected signal to better understand the impact of ARC's processing. The re-sizable GUI provides an optimized display for any setup. For added convenience, ARC profiles can be managed and switched directly from the ARC Studio hardware, allowing for an intuitive hardware-based workflow.


  • Virtual monitoring with 20+ studio monitor profiles
  • Adjustable correction range and resolution for ideal sound
  • Accurate measurement mic and 3D room analysis
  • Two phase modes for precise stereo imaging