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IK Multimedia ToneX CAPTURE Re-Amping and Tone-Sampling Box Black


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Noise-, buzz- and hum-free solution for connecting amps or stomboxes to an interface.

The IK Multimedia ToneX CAPTURE is designed to be interposed between a guitar amplifier and an audio interface, or to be used for re-amping or tone-sampling. The ToneX CAPTURE is powered by a 9V DC power supply, and it allows you to connect your audio interface line output and send this signal to the guitar amplifier input, or you can connect your amp output to the ToneX CAPTURE and send it to a cabinet or back to the audio interface (balanced). Thanks to the galvanic isolation between the inputs and the outputs, ToneX CAPTURE is a very convenient and practical solution to connect guitar amps or stomp boxes to the audio interface without having to fight with ground loop noises, buzzes and hums. You can also adjust all levels and gains so that the amplifier is always hit with the correct signal and impedance, for maximum sound quality.
  • Dimensions: 5.39" (13.7 cm) x 6.22" (15.8 cm) x 1.77" (4.5 cm)
  • Weight: 33.56 oz (950 g)
  • 9V DC power supply


  • Line input: Connect a line signal from an audio interface
  • From Amp output: Connect a signal coming from an amplifier (both power signals or pre-amp output can be accepted)
  • Attenuation: Potentiometer that attenuates the input signal up to 24dB
  • Balanced output (XLR): Connect the signal from the “Amp out” to a balanced device (isolated to avoid ground loops)
  • To cabinet: Connect the signal from the “Amp out” to a cabinet
  • To Amp input: Connect to the input of the guitar amp (isolated to avoid ground loops)
  • GND Lift : When pressed, ground connection is interrupted to minimize ground loops