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iZotope RX 11 Advanced EDU Standard

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Intelligent audio editing for pristine sound.

iZotope RX 11 Advanced Educational Edition digital audio repair and enhancement software provides an arsenal of tools to polish your tracks to perfection. Designed for serious audio professionals in post-production, music and podcasting, RX 11 Advanced uses intelligent algorithms to fix issues automatically while giving you surgical control when you need it. With the introduction of Dialog Isolate, an overhauled de-noising and de-reverbing module and Streaming Preview to ensure your mixes translate to streaming services, RX 11 Advanced helps you achieve clean, compelling sound.

Dialog Isolate Provides Real-Time Processing

The improved Dialog Isolate module leverages state-of-the-art machine learning to isolate dialog from background noise in real time. Simply capture a noise profile and RX 11 Advanced will strip away rumble, hiss and reverb from your dialog stems. The Advanced version offers a high-quality mode for pristine results as well as multi-band processing to target specific frequency ranges. With RX 11 Advanced, you have a powerful solution for salvaging poorly recorded dialog.

Streaming Preview Ensures Your Mixes Translate

There's nothing more frustrating than spending hours crafting a mix only to find it sounds off on streaming services. The new Streaming Preview feature in RX 11 Advanced lets you hear your tracks as your listeners will by applying the audio codecs used by popular streaming platforms. Make any needed tweaks to level balances, EQ, compression and more before releasing your music to ensure the best streaming experience for your fans.

Visual Editing Provides Surgical Control

RX 11 Advanced provides a visual editing environment where you can see audio issues like clicks, hum and clipping and surgically remove them. Using the Spectrogram view, you can visually pinpoint and erase unwanted sounds, re-shape sibilance in dialog, match room tones and more. With a suite of intelligent repair modules plus an easy-to-use interface, you have all the tools you need to rescue troubled audio.

Intelligent Repair Tools Provide a Helping Hand

In addition to its visual editing capabilities, RX 11 Advanced includes intelligent repair tools powered by machine learning. The Repair Assistant can detect issues like clicks, crackle, clipping, rustle and automatically propose fixes which you can tweak to your liking using simple controls. With features like De-bleed, Ambience Match and Leveler, RX 11 Advanced has an intelligent solution for every common audio problem.


  • State-of-the-art neural networks for real-time low latency processing
  • New Loudness Optimize tool for confident track release
  • Industry-first Dialog Isolate with De-reverb and multi-band processing
  • Enhanced precision Repair Assistant with machine learning