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JHS Pedals PackRat Distortion/Fuzz Effects Pedal Black


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A meticulously crafted effects pedal inspired by and built upon decades of sound evolution.


The JHS Pedals PackRat distortion stompbox brings you a palette of nine distinct distortion tones, all derived from analog circuitry for fluid, organic grit and growl. Based on the revered ProCo Rat distortion that's been a staple on pedalboards since the late 1970s, the PackRat distortion pedal gives you a wide range of gain levels and tones to suit any genre or playing style.

Dial In Vintage to Modern Distortion With Nine Modes

The PackRat distortion effects pedal equips guitarists with an arsenal of distortion tones, from subtle crunch to heavy saturation. Access nine different distortion modes, each with its own EQ voicing and gain structure, putting a spectrum of distortion flavors at your feet. Ranging from a mild overdrive to a thick, stinging fuzz, the PackRat's modes give you tones ideal for blues, rock, metal, punk, garage rock and more. Whether you need light breakup, singing leads, chugging rhythm or searing solos, one of the PackRat's nine modes will get you there.

All-Analog Circuitry Captures Organic Tone

Within the PackRat distortion pedal lies 100 percent analog circuitry, giving your tone a fluid, dynamic feel. Analog distortion interacts with your guitar's pickups for a warm, organic grit that compresses and sustains naturally. The PackRat captures the mojo of classic distortion boxes like the ProCo Rat, which used analog parts to create their distinctive sound. From smooth clipping to rich harmonics, the PackRat's analog design imparts distortion with vintage vibe and true amp-like responsiveness.

Modeled After the Legendary ProCo Rat Distortion

The PackRat takes inspiration from the highly regarded ProCo Rat distortion pedal first introduced in 1978. Loved by countless iconic guitarists, the vintage Rat had a smooth, creamy distortion with plenty of sustain. The PackRat aims to expand on that tonal legacy with a wider range of distortion flavors. Its modes all use analog parts and design cues from the Rat, imparting that same touch-sensitive dynamic response. For guitarists who dig the Rat's signature sound, the PackRat provides more tonal variety while retaining the organic analog tone.

True Bypass Preserves Your Natural Tone

The PackRat features a true bypass switching design that routes your signal around the distortion circuitry when disengaged. That means your guitar's unadulterated tone passes directly to your amp, unaffected by any electronic components in the signal chain. True bypass preserves your natural tone and dynamics when the PackRat is off, ensuring zero loss of high end or signal integrity. Stomp it on and the PackRat feeds your amp with organic, responsive analog distortion.



  • Inspired by 40+ years of rodent evolution
  • Unique digital runway system
  • Nine legendary and rare modes
  • Volume, Distortion, Filter and Mode controls