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Jupiter Join the Band! Wind Instrument Try-Out Kit Standard


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An engaging way for students to discover their musical match.

The Join the Band. Wind Instrument Try-Out Kit provides an easy, guided way for students to determine which woodwind instrument suits them best. Developed with band directors and students in mind, this compact kit includes synthetic mouthpieces for the most popular woodwinds found in school bands—the flute, clarinet, saxophone and trumpet. Students can experience the feel of each instrument without needing the actual instrument, helping them make an informed choice about what they'd like to play. The mouthpieces are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning and storage in the included carrying case.

Experience the Feel of Different Woodwinds
Trying out different instruments can be an exciting process for students, but also challenging without the proper guidance. The Join the Band. Wind Instrument Try-Out Kit provides students with mouthpieces similar to actual woodwind instruments so they can get a sense of how each one feels to play. The single reed, double reed and trumpet mouthpieces help students determine whether they prefer a single reed like the clarinet or saxophone, a double reed like the oboe or bassoon or a cupped mouthpiece like the trumpet. Students can make their choice with confidence, knowing how each option will feel under their fingertips and in their mouths.

Compact, Convenient and Clean
The Join the Band. Wind Instrument Try-Out Kit is designed for maximum portability and ease of use. Its compact carrying case houses each synthetic mouthpiece, keeping the kit self-contained for transport between classrooms or band practice. The mouthpieces themselves are dishwasher-safe, allowing for quick and simple cleaning between student use. Band directors will appreciate how low-maintenance yet high-impact this kit is for helping students find their perfect match.

An Engaging Introduction to Woodwind Instruments
Choosing a musical instrument for the first time can be an exciting rite of passage for students. The Join the Band. Wind Instrument Try-Out Kit aims to make this process fun and engaging. Its hands-on approach lets students experience different woodwind mouthpieces for themselves, gaining an understanding of how each instrument feels and sounds before committing to one. For band directors, this kit serves as an interactive tool for demonstrating various woodwind options to new students in an approachable way.

Help your students discover their musical match with the Join the Band. Wind Instrument Try-Out Kit.