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Jupiter JTB1150FO Performance Series F-Attachment Trombone Lacquer Yellow Brass


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A trombone that grows with advancing players.

The Jupiter JTB1150FO series trombone provides intermediate players an instrument that will support their developing skills. The open-wrap F-attachment includes a mechanical linkage valve, granting access to lower tones and alternate slide positions. Its large 0.547" bore and 8.5" bell generate a broad, rounded tone equally suited for classical and modern styles.
Open-Wrap F-Attachment Expands Your Range
The open-wrap F-attachment and mechanical linkage valve facilitate airflow and extend the lower range of the JTB1150FO. The open wrap reduces resistance, allowing for unfettered breath control and fluid transitions between notes. The mechanical linkage operates the F-attachment with minimal effort. Together, these features provide seamless access to notes that would otherwise require awkward slide positions, preparing you for more advanced repertoire.

Robust Tone and Projection for Any Setting
A large 0.547" bore and 8.5" yellow brass bell give the JTB1150FO a bold, rounded tone with plenty of projection. The generous bore dimension produces rich overtones and a focused timbre. The sizable bell radiates sound with clarity and warmth, lending itself equally well to the demands of the orchestra pit or jazz combo.

Durable Build for Long-Lasting Value
The JTB1150FO's sturdy construction provides protection from the rigors of frequent use and transportation. Its nickel silver outer slide resists dents and scratches while a clear lacquer finish protects the inner slide tubes from tarnish and oxidation. Jupiter's commitment to high-quality, student-friendly design ensures this trombone will support you through graduation and beyond.

Comfortable and Lightweight
An ergonomic wrap and balanced weight make the JTB1150FO comfortable to hold and play. Its open wrap follows the natural position of your arm, reducing tension. A lightweight but durable nickel silver outer slide and yellow brass bell keep the total weight manageable for long rehearsals and performances. Overall, the JTB1150FO's thoughtful design places an emphasis on playability suited to students and educators alike.

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Instrument Type

  • Type: Trombone
  • Tuning: Bb/F
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Bore: .547-inch
  • Leadpipe: Standard fixed
  • Bell: 8.5-inch
  • Bell Material: Yellow brass
  • Handslide Weight: Standard
  • Handslide Material: Nickel-silver outer tubes
  • Handslide Crook: Nickel-silver
  • F-Attachment Wrap: Open
  • F-Attachment Valve: Rotor with mechanical linkage
  • Finish: Lacquer, silver-plate
  • Case: Yes
  • Mouthpiece: Yes
  • Mouthpiece Shank: Large


  • Available models JTB1150F lacquer or JTB1150FS silver-plate
  • Open wrap F-Attachment
  • 8.5-inch yellow brass bell
  • Standard weight nickel-silver outer handslide