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Jupiter JTU700 Standard Series 3-Valve 3/4 BBb Tuba Lacquer


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Upright 3/4, ideal for marching or concert band.

The Jupiter JTU700 BBb tuba provides students with a robust, reliable instrument designed to support developing skills or as a comfortable instrument for the advanced player. Its 3/4-sized yellow brass body and 14.4" bell generate a warm, broad tone ideal for any musical setting. The JTU700's .661" bore width offers plenty of air support for building strong fundamentals, while its trio of stainless steel piston valves respond smoothly and minimize maintenance needs. Removable components like the valve section, leadpipe, and bell simplify cleaning and repair. For music educators seeking an affordable tuba guaranteed to last through graduation, the JTU700 is an ideal choice.

Sturdy Build Quality
Jupiter built the JTU700 to withstand the rigors of daily student use. Its yellow brass body and bell provide durability and easy overall tone production, while a clear lacquer finish protects the metal and adds subtle tonal warmth. Stainless steel piston valves are less prone to damage and wear than their plated counterparts. Should repairs become necessary, the JTU700's modular design allows for easy disassembly and reassembly. With Jupiter's 10-year warranty and commitment to quality, you can rely on this tuba to serve students well for generations.

Comfortable, Responsive Playability
The JTU700's compact size and thoughtful ergonomics accommodate students of all statures. Its 3/4-sized body proportions and .661" bore make it easy to hold and play, even for those with smaller frames. Three top-action piston valves are positioned to promote proper hand position and technique. Smooth, responsive valves also minimize the effort required to produce a note, enabling students to focus on developing breath control and embouchure. The end result is an instrument that feels as natural as an extension of the body.

Versatile, Projecting Tone
With its 14.4" yellow brass bell and broad .661" bore, the JTU700 produces a bold, resonant tone that carries through any ensemble. Notes speak easily and clearly in all registers, from the instrument's lowest pedal tones through the higher partials students will explore as skills progress. The JTU700's balanced, focused voice also blends well with other band instruments, making it a versatile choice for small and large ensemble use. Students will delight in the JTU700's ability to sound as commanding or as lyrical as the music demands.

Premium Protection Included
Jupiter provides each JTU700 with a sturdy ABS case to safeguard your investment. The case's aluminum frame and built-in wheels make transporting the tuba from home to school and back again convenient and hassle-free. Thick padding throughout the interior protects the instrument from shocks and scratches, while strategically placed handles allow for easy loading and unloading. With premium protection and portability included, the JTU700 is ready to embark on many musical adventures.

Instrument Type
  • Type: Tuba
  • Tuning: BBb
  • Level: Student
  • Bore: .661-inch
  • Size: 3/4
  • Body Material: Yellow brass
  • Bell: 14.4-inch upright
  • Bell Material: Yellow brass
  • Valves: Stainless steel piston
  • Valve Position: Top action
  • Finish: Lacquer
  • Case: ABS molded with wheels
  • Mouthpiece: Yes


  • Available models JTU700 lacquer
  • 3/4-size for smaller players
  • .661-inch bore
  • Yellow brass upright bell
  • Top action valves