Kawai CA49 Digital Home Piano

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As the successor to the CA48 piano, the Kawai CA49 Digital Piano continues a legacy of authentic sound and premium features. The Kawai CA49 Digital Piano incorporates technologies developed with premi… Learn More


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Technological updates deliver a premium playing experience.

As the successor to the CA48 piano, the Kawai CA49 Digital Piano continues a legacy of authentic sound and premium features. The Kawai CA49 Digital Piano incorporates technologies developed with premium audio equipment manufacturer, Onkyo. It features an updated motherboard and amplification system to deliver richer, higher quality sound. This model preserves the core Grand Feel Compact wooden-key keyboard action and acoustic piano sound of Shigeru Kawai SK-EX and Kawai EX Concert Grand Pianos. Together, they provide a more natural and realistic playing experience. The Low Volume Balance function improves consistency when practicing at reduced volume levels.The CA49 possesses an updated cabinet design, adopting the taller body and rounded edge details of the larger Concert Artist models. It boasts an improved cheekblock control panel that includes a modern OLED graphic display. The Kawai CA49 Digital Piano will deliver a premium piano experience to players of all levels.TouchThe CA49 digital piano utilizes Kawai’s Grand Feel Compact keyboard action. Drawing on 90 years of acoustic piano craftsmanship, it provides a realistic playing experience. All 88 black and white keys are crafted from long pieces of wood, with finely textured Ivory Touch key surfaces applied to assist playing control.As with an acoustic grand piano action, the keys rest on a metal balance pin and move with a smooth seesaw-like motion. The extended pivot length ensures a consistent, evenly-balanced touch weight, even when playing towards the back of the key. The Grand Feel Compact action incorporates grade-weighted hammers, bass region counterweights, and let-off simulation for added authenticity. Its accurate triple-sensor key detection system allows rapidly repeated notes, such as trills, to be performed smoothly, without unnatural breaks in sound.ToneThe CA49 digital piano captures the tone of Kawai’s flagship Shigeru Kawai SK-EX full concert grand piano. Shigeru Kawai instruments grace the stages of concert halls and musical institutions throughout the world, and are prized for their exceptional tonal clarity. The CA49 also features Kawai’s highly-acclaimed EX concert grand piano. The EX has frequently been selected by professional pianists in international piano competitions, such as the Chopin, Tchaikovsky, and Rubinstein.Both instruments have been recorded, meticulously analyzed, and reproduced with full 88-key sampling using Harmonic Imaging sound technology. This unique process accurately recreates the broad dynamic range of the original grand pianos, affording pianists an extraordinary level of expressiveness ranging from the softest pianissimo to the strongest, boldest fortissimo.BluetoothIn addition to standard MIDI jacks, the CA49 digital piano boasts integrated Bluetooth MIDI technology. This allows the instrument to communicate with supported smart devices wirelessly. Once connected to a phone, tablet, or laptop, CA49 digital piano owners can use various music-related apps that enhance their learning and playing experience, without additional cables.Alfred LessonsThe CA49 digital piano features a three-song recorder. Record performances to internal memory and play them back at the touch of a button. The lesson feature allows aspiring pianists to learn the piano using a collection of etudes from Czerny and Burgmüller, or songs from Alfred course books. The left and right hand parts for each piece can be practiced separately. Adjust the tempo to perfect more difficult passages.Virtual TechnicianAn experienced piano technician is essential to fully realize the potential of a fine acoustic piano. In addition to tuning each note, the technician performs numerous regulation and voicing adjustments that allow the instrument to sing.The CA49 digital piano’s Smart Mode Virtual Technician simulates these refinements digitally. Ten preset configurations adjust various characteristics of the grand piano sound to match different musical styles.Grand Feel Pedal SystemWhen the damper pedal of an acoustic piano is pressed and released, it is often possible to hear the sound of the damper head touching and releasing the strings. The CA49 digital piano reproduces this sound with the Damper Noise setting, allowing the volume of this sound to be adjusted. The speed that the damper pedal is pressed influences the prominence of the damper noise. Faster pedaling creates a more pronounced sound.Additional SoundsComplementing the beautiful acoustic piano voices is a modest selection of additional sounds. Add greater variety to a performance with electric pianos and drawbar or church organs, strings, human choirs, and synth pads.CA49 Concert MagicThis feature lets anyone enjoy the thrill of playing the piano, even if you’ve never played before. Concert Magic allows any player to experience the thrill of playing real music by simply tapping any key.Superior Headphone ExperienceThe CA49’s Spatial Headphone Sound (SHS) technology enhances the depth and realism of the instrument’s sound when listening through headphones or earphones. Three different acoustic presets adjust the spatial positioning of the sound, while helping reduce auditory fatigue when using earphones or headphones for extended periods of time. Authentic sound, premium features. Order your CA49 digital piano today.


  • Motherboard developed in partnership with Onkyo for improved tonal clarity.
  • Updated control panel layout with modern OLED graphic display.
  • Chopin Walzer (1~19) lesson book.
  • Tone Control setting with 8 selectable tone presets.
  • Low Volume Balance function for improved touch consistency at reduce volume.
  • Modern cabinet design modelled after larger Concert Artist instruments.
  • Improved Shigeru Kawai grand piano sounds.
  • Enhanced ‘Light’ Touch Curve setting for young children.
  • Updated Virtual Technician “Smart Mode” presets.

Technical Specification

Kawai CA49 Digital Home Piano


  • Number of keys: 88 Key
  • Action: Hammer action
  • Key size: Full
  • Key Type: Piano-style


  • Number of voices: 19
  • Polyphony (max): 192-note


  • MIDI connectivity: In/Out
  • USB Connectivity: Yes
  • Headphone jacks: 2
  • Pedal inputs: Yes
  • Onboard Features
  • Recording/Playback Yes
  • Preset songs: 40
  • Display: Pixel OLED
  • Effects: Yes 
  • Built-in speakers: Yes


  • Width: 53.5 in.
  • Height: 36 in.
  • Depth: 18.2 in. 
  • Weight: 128 lb.
  • Power adapter: Included
  • Bench included: Yes