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Keeley Blues Disorder Overdrive & Distortion Effects Pedal Black/Blue


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Shape your tone with smooth overdrive or edgy distortion.

The Keeley Blues Disorder Overdrive & Distortion pedal gives you a versatile palette of analog overdrive and distortion tones perfect for any serious guitarist. Keeley combined two distinct drive circuits to craft four signature sounds in one innovative stompbox. With the turn of a switch, you can move between a smooth, Blues Breaker-inspired overdrive and a harder-edged distortion for heavier styles. The Blues Disorder's simple but clever design lets you swap tone stacks and gain stages to create hybrid overdrive flavors all your own.

Two Complete Drive Circuits, Endless Tonal Possibilities

At its heart, the Blues Disorder contains separate overdrive and distortion circuits that you can activate independently or blend together. The overdrive side provides a soft, tube-like clipping reminiscent of a cranked Bluesbreaker amp. Switch to the distortion circuit for a harder, more aggressive tone ideal for heavier genres. Or, combine them for overdriven tones with a touch of grit. Two toggle switches give you instant access to the overdrive, distortion or a mix of both. The tonal variations are nearly endless.

Tailor Your Tone With Interchangeable Tone Stacks

Not only does the Blues Disorder offer two types of drive, it provides two distinct tone stacks to shape your sound. In overdrive mode, the active tone circuit boosts midrange frequencies for a classic Bluesbreaker-inspired tone. Switch to distortion mode and a more transparent high-frequency filter lets the natural tone of your pickups shine through. Swap between the tone stacks in either drive mode for different voicings. You have the versatility to craft your perfect overdrive or distortion tone with the turn of a single switch.

Buffered or True Bypass Switching

The Blues Disorder's buffered bypass prevents the tone-sucking signal loss associated with long cable runs and large pedalboards. For vintage pedals or a pure analog signal path, easily engage the true bypass mode. Simply hold down the footswitch for two seconds to toggle between buffered and true bypass. Either way, you'll enjoy noiseless, click-free switching and the best tone for your setup.

Road-Ready and Built to Last

Like all Keeley pedals, the Blues Disorder is handcrafted in the USA to exacting standards using premium components. Its rugged aluminum chassis and footswitches are built to withstand years of stomping. For any guitarist chasing the perfect overdrive or distortion, the Keeley Blues Disorder should be at the top of your list.


  • Two complete analog drive circuits: hard-clipping distortion and soft clipping overdrive
  • Toggle tone stacks and gain stages: create hybrid overdrives by swapping Drive and Tone circuits
  • True Bypass or Buffered Bypass: use buffer to improve rig's tone, switch to true bypass in two seconds
  • Keeley pedals engineered in tone lab and sonically perfected with studio and touring musicians