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Kemper Profiler Player Amp Modeling and Multi-Effects Pedal Black

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A complete guitar rig in one compact pedal.

The Kemper Profiler Player packs the legacy of the acclaimed Kemper amp-profiling technology into a pedalboard-friendly multi-effects unit. With the Profiler Player's authentic tube amp tones, studio-grade effects and Bluetooth connectivity, guitarists have a professional touring rig that fits into a gig bag. The Kemper Profiler Player allows you to load any amp profile from the vast library of free and paid profiles, delivering the exact same amp tones as the larger Kemper Profiler amps. The Liquid Profiling technology adds that coveted tube amp dynamic feel and response. With just a stomp, you can go from a vintage Fender to a high-gain ENGL in seconds.

Sculpt Your Tone With the Rig Manager App

While the Kemper Profiler Player gives you quick access to amazing amps and effects, the Rig Manager app unlocks deep editing capabilities. Connect via USB or wireless to tweak effects parameters down to the finest detail. Create and organize rig presets, add effects, sculpt EQs and more. The Rig Manager app makes the Kemper Profiler Player an endlessly flexible tone studio.

Dial in Authentic Tube Amp Tones

The Kemper Profiler Player delivers the same rich, responsive tube amp tones as its bigger siblings via amp-modeling profiles. It loads profiles from the vast library of free and commercial Kemper amp profiles available. The amp modeling is identical to full Kemper units, giving you arena-ready tones in a pedalboard-friendly footprint. Whether you need pristine cleans, vintage grit or high-gain roar, the Kemper Profiler Player has your back.

Hundreds of Amp Profiles at Your Feet

Thanks to Kemper's groundbreaking profiling technology, the Player comes pre-loaded with hundreds of amp profiles from vintage classics to modern high-gain heads, all meticulously captured. It can also load any profile from the Kemper community, putting decades of coveted amps like Fender, Marshall, VOX, MESA/Boogie and more at your feet. The Player's amp modeling is so accurate, you'd be hard pressed to tell it from a mic'd cabinet. Dial in the perfect tone with intuitive controls, then save it in one of the 128 rig slots. Whether you need immaculate cleans, raunchy rock or high-gain metal, the Kemper Profiler Player has you covered.

Built-in Effects for Studio-Quality Sound

In addition to the wealth of amp tones, the Profiler Player also packs pro-level effects to sculpt your sound. Reverbs, delays, modulation, pitch effects, filters, EQs, compressors—you name it. With the capacity for up to four effects at once, you can craft rich, textured tones. Use the dedicated knobs for quick tweaks or take a deep dive with the Rig Manager editor app. Connect your mobile device via Bluetooth, USB or Wi-Fi to access every parameter. Build rigs on your computer or iOS/Android device, then load them directly onto the Player. It's the easiest way to create complex effects chains.

A Complete Rig for Guitar, Bass, Keys and Acoustic

While designed for guitarists first and foremost, the Kemper Profiler Player is ideal for bass, keys and acoustic instruments too. Bassists can blend a mic'd amp tone with DI out. Keyboard players get realistic amp models and effects like rotary speaker emulation. Acoustic guitarists can tame piezo pickup quackiness with the studio reverbs. The Kemper Profiler Player truly provides a pro rig solution for all musicians.

For both home practice and stage use, the Kemper Profiler Player puts a complete professional guitar rig into a pedalboard-friendly footprint. With authentic amp tones, deep editing via app and Bluetooth playback, the Kemper Profiler Player is the new standard for amp-modeling technology.


  • Rig Manager: Unprecedented full remote app control of the Player on every relevant computer platform: Mac, PC, Android tablet, Android phone, Kindle Fire, Apple iPad, Apple iPhone
  • Extended Rig management and access to 20,000 user-generated Rigs by Rig Manager on Mac and PC
  • Supports the new and innovative Liquid Profiles
  • Fast and seamless cross-fading Rig switching, smooth delay/reverb spillover at any time, no artificial scene handling is needed to achieve smooth transitions between rigs and FX settings
  • Elaborate high-quality instrument input with 127dB dynamic range, crucial for high-gain sounds
  • Takes external distortion pedals and effects like a tube amp
  • No loss of precious sound edits when powering down
  • Three independently controllable output groups via XLR, Stereo Monitor, Stereo Headphone: One ground-lifted XLR connects you directly to the FOH mixing desk at studio level, without the need for D.I. boxes
  • Two TS jacks connect to your home studio, or to one or two KEMPER Power Kabinets in full stereo
  • Full support of the KEMPER Kone and KEMPER Kabinet, for full-range reproduction, as well as the highly acclaimed "Imprint" mode that creates the true "cabinet-in-the-room" sound
  • Loads Cabinet IRs
  • Full USB audio capabilities for play-along and professional DAWs
  • Full USB MIDI capabilities for DAWs
  • MIDI program change and control through standard USB MIDI adapter (not included)
  • MIDI support for external USB foot controller
  • Simple data backup/restore and software update by a USB stick in your pocket
  • Keep your tablet powered the whole night by charging it through the USB jack
  • Freely definable footswitches and dual footswitch combinations
  • Dual expression pedal and external switch capabilities
  • Unique spectral noise gate for suppressing pickup hum
  • The is tuner always on and present
  • Patented "Pure Cabinet" feature for taming excessive frequency spikes of mic'd cabinets
  • "Space" effect on headphones for fatigue-free rehearsing
  • High-power headphone output