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KRK ROKIT 5 Generation Five Powered Studio Monitor 5" (Each) Standard


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A next-generation monitor with tuning tools for your perfect sound.

The KRK ROKIT 5 Generation Five powered monitor takes your mixes to the next level with advanced technology to tune your sound. Three voicing modes in one monitor give you mixing, creative and analytical options, while DSP room tuning with 25 graphic EQ presets minimizes acoustic problems. With the included magnetic faceplates, you can show off or protect the ROKIT 5.

Three Voicing Modes for Maximum Flexibility

The Rokit 5 Generation Five powered monitor offers unprecedented flexibility with three distinct voicing modes in one compact monitor. The Mix mode provides a flat frequency and phase response critical for mixing and mastering. Create mode has an inspirational tone to spark new ideas while writing or casually listening. Focus mode emphasizes the midrange for analyzing nuances during mixing. With this trifecta of sound shaping, you can retool the ROKIT 5's voicing to match the needs of the moment.

DSP Room Tuning to Correct Any Environment

Room anomalies can impair critical mixing decisions. The ROKIT 5 Generation Five powered monitor solves this with DSP-driven room tuning. Accessible via the LCD display, 25 graphic EQ presets let you visualize and dial in corrections for your specific acoustic environment. Place the monitors correctly with the aid of the KRK app's spectral analysis tool. This advanced DSP tuning ensures you hear the genuine mix, not the room.

New Tweeter and Woven Woofer for Pristine Sound

The ROKIT 5 Generation Five powered monitor employs a proprietary 1" silk-dome tweeter designed in the USA. Extending the frequency response up to 40kHz with linear phase, it renders highs with superb detail and sparkling clarity. The Kevlar woofer provides exemplary damping and breakup control across the midrange punch you need to hear. Together, these advanced drivers let you critically analyze the subtle nuances of any mix.

Efficient Amps and Tuned Port for Powerful, Defined Low End

Custom Class-D power amplifiers in the ROKIT 5 Generation Five powered monitor deliver ample, efficient power to the proprietary drivers, while the integrated brickwall limiter protects the system when pushed hard. The tuned bass reflex port produces exceptional low-end extension and flexible placement, while isolation pads decouple the cabinet for minimized vibration and tighter bass. Feel your mixes come alive with the ROKIT 5's authoritative, defined low end.

  • Frequency Response: 54Hz–30kHz
  • Frequency Range: 43Hz–40kHz
  • Max SPL: 104dB
  • Power Output: 55 watts
  • Input Impedance: 5.12 kohm Balanced
  • Input Balanced XLR/TRS; Combo Jack
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 11.34” (288 mm) x 7.52” (191 mm) x 9.53” (320 mm)


  • KRK App features Acoustic Real-time Room Analyzer designed for better monitoring and faster mixing
  • Custom Class-D amplifiers power the drivers evenly and more efficiently at reduced operating temperatures
  • Two magnetic faceplates are included for protective grille or no-grille flexibility
  • High-density foam isolation pads are included and minimize vibration transmission for improved clarity