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Lehle Sunday Driver II Preamp, Buffer and Boost Effects Pedal Standard


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Dial in your tone, clean up your signal and more.

The Lehle Sunday Driver II is a high-end preamp and DI box all in a conveniently compact format.

Its circuit is based on a discrete Class A circuit with JFET technology and provides two modes of operation, selected by a mode selector switch with gold-plated contacts:

 "D" stands for Driver. In this mode, your guitar signal is amplified, with absolutely no modification, at the input impedance of a guitar amp, efficiently eliminating losses on the route through leads and effects; the signal remains strong and clear, retaining its full dynamics.

The second setting "S" as in Sunday. It multiplies the input impedance by five, bringing out previously inaudible details and, as gain increases, giving your guitar a characteristic and unmistakable warmth that has given this preamp its name—the result is a sound as mellow as a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Even at the maximum +18dB gain setting, the Lehle Sunday Driver II always stays clean and absolutely free of background noise, thanks to its studio-standard overall dynamic range of 130dB. To exploit the dynamics of tube amplifiers to the full, the input voltage is also rectified from the power supply socket, then filtered, stabilized and transformed to 30V.

You can use it as a DI box on stage or as a high-end preamp in the studio as well. The output of the Lehle Sunday Driver II can be tapped in balanced and the pedal be powered via phantom power.

Whether as a cable driver for stadium gigs, in complex effects setups or as a recording preamp—with its broad output range of 20 to 100,000Hz, the Lehle Sunday Driver II can be used anywhere. And not just on Sundays.
  • High-end preamp, buffer and booster
  • Discrete Class-A input stage
  • 130dB dynamic range thanks to 30V technology
  • Select between Buffer and Booster modes
  • Neutral, studio-quality sound
  • Boost up to +18 B
  • Balanced Output can be used as a DI box, with phantom power