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LP Galaxy Series Fiberglass Conga With Gold Hardware 12.5 In


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The inside upper half of the LP Galaxy Series Fiberglass Conga, where the greatest stress occurs, is reinforced with Kevlar fiber, the bulletproof vest material that is two times stronger than steel. In addition, each fiberglass shell has a steel ring embedded in the bearing (top) edge for added strength.

Hand selected, rawhide heads

LP Galaxy Fiberglass Congas feature hand-selected, rawhide heads. The heavy-duty hardware has a gold tone finish. It includes 3/8" diameter tuning lugs, and reinforced LP Heart Side Plates, each secured with three bolts and a backing plate.

Exclusive LP Galaxy glitter finish

The exclusive LP Galaxy glitter finish is a space-age sparkle that refracts light into a spectral effect which dances under stage lighting.

Shell Protectors

Each LP Galaxy Fiberglass drum comes complete with LP Galaxy ProCare Integrated Shell Protectors that prevent the side plate hardware from marking or damaging adjacent drums. This new compact design offers maximum protection without detracting from the drum's beauty. An accessory pouch, a tuning wrench and LP Lug Lube are also included.