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Lyons Xylophone Diatonic Soprano


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Handcrafted wooden xylophones offer melodic mastery for all.

The Lyons Orff Xylophone Diatonic line features three skillfully crafted xylophones with hand-lathed tone bars to produce a warm, nuanced sound. The Bass, Alto and Soprano models provide different note ranges to suit musicians at every level. Each xylophone includes additional bars so you can play in the keys of C, F and G major. With a natural wood finish and pin-mounted bars, these instruments look as beautiful as they sound. The all-wood chambered boxes are expertly constructed for optimal resonance without excess weight so you can easily transport your xylophone.

Hand-Tuned Tone Bars Resonate with Rich Timbre
The heart of any xylophone is its tone bars and the Lyons Orff Xylophone Diatonic series features bars handcrafted from aged wood and hand-tuned for pitch perfection. Each bar produces a warm, mellow tone that resonates for a long sustain. The bars are lathed into an arched shape for comfortable playing and stamped with the note name for easy identification.

Three Models Span a Range of Notes
Whether you're a beginner or seasoned musician, there's a Lyons Orff Xylophone Diatonic for you. The Bass xylophone reaches from C3 to A4, the Alto model from C4 to A5 and the Soprano xylophone from C5 to A6. The different ranges allow you to choose an instrument suited for your skills and the music you want to play.

Add-On Bars Provide Versatility
Each xylophone includes additional F-sharp and B-flat bars so you can play in the keys of C, F and G major. The extra bars simply slide into place on the xylophone, allowing you to transpose songs or experiment with different keys. This versatility means your xylophone can grow with your skills and musical interests.

Lightweight Yet Durable Construction
The all-wood chambered boxes provide optimal resonance to project the tone bars' sound without excess weight. The xylophones' natural wood finish gives them an elegant look, while the all-glued construction creates a durable instrument that will last for years. The lightweight build makes the xylophones easy to transport to lessons, rehearsals or performances. Soft-core mallets are included to get you playing right away.

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  • Aged moisture controlled wood bars
  • A442 tuning
  • 16-note Stamped Bars C3 to A4 (Bass)
  • 16-note Stamped Bars C4 to A5 (Alto)
  • 16-note Stamped Bars C5 to A6 (Soprano)
  • Additional F# and Bb Bars
  • One-pin mounting
  • All-glue construction
  • Includes soft-core wound yarn mallets