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Majestic 4.3-Octave Marimba Synthetic Bars Standard


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A customizable marimba with unparalleled tonal control.

The 4.3-Octave Marimba Synthetic Bars from Majestic is a revolutionary instrument that provides performers and educators with superior resonance and acoustic fidelity. Featuring adjustable resonator stabilizers, the marimba's tonal quality and resonance can be fine-tuned to suit changes in humidity and personalized preferences. Its offset arch resonators are computer-designed for optimal projection and an expanded range. Height-adjustable legs enable effortless tweaks to the instrument's balance, stability and positioning for maximum comfort.

Resonator Stabilizers Offer Unprecedented Tonal Control
The 4.3-Octave Marimba Synthetic Bars is the first of its kind to offer adjustable resonator stabilizers, allowing performers to customize its tone to their exact needs. By tightening or loosening the stabilizers, players can enhance or dampen the marimba's resonance and alter its timbre in response to environmental changes or for creative effect. This innovative system puts an unprecedented level of tonal control and expression into the hands of musicians.

Offset Arch Resonators are Computer-Designed for Optimal Projection
Majestic developed the 4.3-Octave Marimba Synthetic Bars' offset arch resonators using advanced computer modeling to maximize its acoustic potential. Their curved shape and strategic placement help the instrument's tone carry with exceptional fullness, warmth and clarity. Performers will appreciate how evenly and musically the notes speak across the marimba's range.

Height-Adjustable Legs Offer a Custom Fit
The 4.3-Octave Marimba Synthetic Bars features height-adjustable legs that can be raised or lowered for an ideal playing position. Performers of all heights can customize the marimba's stance to reduce strain on their back, shoulders and wrists during long rehearsals or performances. The adjustability also helps keep the resonators level for consistent tone and projection.

Synthetic Bars Withstand Humidity While Delivering Rich Tone
Although designed for professional use, the 4.3-Octave Marimba Synthetic Bars employs synthetic bars in place of traditional rosewood or padouk. The synthetic material is engineered to produce a tone that rivals natural wood while resisting damage from changes in humidity. A woodgrain finish lends a luxurious look to the marimba that belies the advanced nature of its construction.

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