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MEINL Byzance Dark Big Apple Flat Ride 22 in.


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A dark, expressive flat ride cymbal for heavier music.

The MEINL Byzance Dark Big Apple flat ride cymbal brings an intense, dark tonality to your kit. Designed for drummers who need a cymbal that can handle heavier music styles, this 22" thin flat ride has a rich, dark voice. Its unlathed surface and lack of a bell produce crisp, earthy stick definition wrapped in a raw, organic vibe. The thin weight allows you to play expressively across a wide dynamic range. From subtle ghost notes to crashing accents, this cymbal reacts to your every stroke. A slight bow in the shape adds a hint of sizzle and roar to the wash when you lay into it. The Byzance Dark Big Apple also speaks with a low, breathy voice when crashed. If you need short, punchy accents, this cymbal delivers.

Dark, Rich Tone Perfect for Heavier Music Styles

With its blackened, oven-baked finish, the Byzance Dark Big Apple flat ride brings an intense dark quality that is perfect for heavier music genres. The rich, complex overtones give your grooves and fills a sinister edge. Whether you need an earth-shaking backbeat or want to interject raw, metallic textures, this cymbal has you covered. The Dark Big Apple flat ride is made from hand-hammered B20 bronze for a complex, nuanced voicing.

Unlathed Surface Produces Crisp, Earthy Stick Definition

The raw, unlathed surface of the Byzance Dark Big Apple flat ride provides crisp, precise stick articulation wrapped in an organic vibe. You'll hear clear ping definition with each stroke. The lack of lathing avoids muffling the sustain or diffusing your stick impact. Combined with the thin weight, you get exceptional touch sensitivity. Whether playing busy ride patterns or simple quarter notes, this cymbal transmits every rhythmic nuance. The earthy overtones add complexity without muddiness.

Slight Bow Shape Adds Roar and Sizzle to the Wash

While designed as a flat ride, the MEINL Byzance Dark Big Apple flat ride has a slight bow to its shape. This adds a breathy roar and hint of sizzle to the wash when you lay into it. Crash accents elicit a low, dark swell of shimmering overtones. The bow contour encourages rich, expansive tonality rather than a quick decay. Ride this cymbal hard, and it responds with dark, sinister textures. Ease off your playing, and it tightens up for articulate rhythms.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm