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Meinl Byzance Dual Trash China Cymbal 18 in.


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Unique dual trash china cymbal with hand-hammered markings.

Expanding from the Byzance Extra Dry line, the Meinl dual trash china cymbals have quickly risen in popularity and become instantly recognizable for their unique look and sound. To start, the center is raw, bearing hand-hammered markings, while the edge is lathed and buffed to a brilliant finish. The sound is similar to the look: trashy, earthy and low at first, ending with a flash of explosive brilliance. Made in Turkey from B20 bronze, hand-hammered into shape with raw finish in center and narrow blade lathing with brilliant finish on edges only. The Byzance Dual chinas are already popular for their explosiveness and trashy tonality. By adding holes throughout, the response is much faster and offers more cut. The sustain is also shorter, giving you a cymbal that reacts quickly then gets out of the way so that your other cymbals and sounds on your kit can be heard.