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MEINL Classics Custom Dark Ride Cymbal 20 in.


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A brilliantly versatile cymbal blending definition and warmth for any musical setting.

The MEINL Classics Custom Dark ride cymbal offers a versatile sound with rich overtones that cut through any mix. This innovative cymbal produces a full spectrum of tones from shimmering accents to crashing crescendos.

Rich, Complex Tones

The Classics Custom Dark ride cymbal delivers a balance of definition and warmth with a touch of darkness. Its hand-hammered bronze construction provides a blend of high, mid and low frequencies for a sound that is both cutting and rich. When played lightly, it responds with a shimmering wash that elevates your drumming. As you increase your dynamics, it opens to reveal a sea of overtones with a hint of trashiness. This complex, musical cymbal inspires your creativity.

Versatile for Any Genre

While the ride has a warm, full-bodied tone, it also has enough articulation to work in any musical setting. Its wide range of sounds allows you to use it as a crash, ride or for accents and crescendos. This highly responsive yet controllable cymbal gives you the freedom to adapt your playing to any style from rock to jazz to electronic music. With a single stroke, you can go from a shimmering wash to a full roar.

Premium, Innovative Design

As part of the innovative Classics Custom series, this ride cymbal features a specialized lathing pattern and hand hammering that enhances its tonal qualities. Its premium B20 bronze material provides an ideal balance of warmth, sustain and projection. From the first hit, you'll appreciate its quality construction and cutting-edge sound. Experience the latest in cymbal technology with the versatile, premium classics custom dark ride.

Sizes and Purpose
  • Quantity: 1
  • Type: Ride
  • Sizes: Multiple
  • Material: Bronze
  • Hammering: Hand
  • Lathing: Full
  • Bell: Standard
  • Finish: Dark
  • Country of origin: Germany


  • Hand-hammered for rich, complex tones
  • B20 bronze alloy for warm, dark sound
  • Traditional medium-thin weight for balanced response
  • Specially treated for dark, washy decay