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MEINL Classics Custom Dark Ultimate Cymbal Set Standard


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Aggressive cymbals with vintage allure for diverse genres.

The MEINL Classics Custom Dark ultimate cymbal set provides you a complete set of cutting yet full-bodied cymbals. Undergoing a unique finishing process, these cymbals deliver a bold tone with dark, complex overtones and impressive volume perfect for aggressive styles of music.

Deep Hammering Provides Powerful Punch

The Classics Custom Dark cymbals are deeply hammered, spacing the dimples widely across the surface. This specialized technique produces a forceful attack with a dry, articulate stick definition while opening up the cymbal and allowing it to roar when crashed. The B10 bronze alloy provides a refined yet potent tone, giving you cymbals that cut through loud mixes with a punchy, distorted quality that avoids harsh, glassy overtones.

Dark, Complex Tones for Aggressive Styles

The special finishing process applied to the Classics Custom Dark cymbals results in a unique tone that is bold yet musically versatile. While the cymbals deliver a powerful, snarling bite, their sustain blooms into rich, darkly hued overtones. This quality allows the cymbals to function well at both high and low volumes, suiting them for aggressive music styles where power and complexity are valued. The dark, distorted shimmer will cut through dense layers of guitars and amplify the heaviness and attitude of your playing.

Complete Set Provides Tonal Versatility

The Classics Custom Dark ultimate cymbal set provides you with a full range of cymbals to shape your tone. Included are 16" hi-hats that explode with a bold attack, an 18" crash with a dirty, distorted punch, a 20" crash that roars and washes and a 22" crash/ride that opens with a bellowing crash and rides with a dry, articulate sizzle. The set also includes an 18" trash crash, 18" trash china, 16" trash stack and 12" trash splash for trashy, sizzling accents. With this comprehensive set, you'll have the tools to craft a tone that is uniquely your own.

  • Quantity: Multiple
  • Type: Hi-hats/crash/ride/effects
  • Sizes: Multiple
  • Material: Bronze
  • Hammering: Hand
  • Lathing: Full
  • Finish: Dark
  • Country of origin: Germany


  • Dark, complex tones with clarity and volume
  • Powerful, cutting sound without glassy overtones
  • Heavy crash-ability and dry stick definition