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MEINL Sierra Birch Snare Cajon Standard


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Ideal for just about any setting, from acoustic gigs and recording to worship services or on-the-spot jam sessions.

The Sierra Birch Snare Cajon is an expertly handcrafted percussive instrument that produces an authentic Afro-Peruvian sound. Made from premium birch wood, the cajon delivers a balanced tone with rich lows, crisp highs and satisfying resonance. Its innovative tunable snares provide adjustable crispness so you can achieve your perfect snap and attack. Comfortably play for hours thanks to the cajon's ergonomic design. The Sierra Birch Snare Cajon is a versatile instrument for percussionists and drummers alike.

Handcrafted Birch Body For Enhanced Resonance
The Sierra Birch Snare Cajon is constructed from beautiful, tone-enhancing birch wood and handcrafted with expert precision. Its all-wood build and carefully joined panels produce a balanced, resonant sound with satisfying sustain. The cajon's birch body provides a sturdy yet lightweight frame for years of playing.

Authentic Afro-Peruvian Sound With Rich Lows And Crisp Highs
With its blend of rich low frequencies and crisp high tones, the Sierra Birch Snare Cajon delivers an authentic Peruvian cajon sound. Its birch wood construction provides a balanced timbre across all registers. The front plate produces a mix of warm bass notes and cutting slaps, while the rear sound hole brings out resonant mids and snappy highs.

Innovative Tunable Snares For Adjustable Snap
At the heart of the Sierra Birch Snare Cajon are a set of tunable snares that provide adjustable crispness and attack. Tighten the snares for an articulate, slappy tone or loosen them for more subtle snap. With the turn of a screw, you can achieve your perfect balance of resonance and crispness.

Ergonomic Design And Padded Seat For Comfortable Playing
The Sierra Birch Snare Cajon is designed for comfortable playing during long sessions. Its ergonomic shape, padded seat and smooth-finished wood provide cushioning as you play. The cajon's compact size also makes it ideal for on-stage and studio use where space is limited.


  • Outstanding natural tonal qualities
  • Full, resonant bass notes and crisp slap tones
  • 100% birch construction
  • Internal snare system fitted against the inside of the birch playing surface
  • Chestnut stain front plate
  • Responds well to finger rolls as well as corner slaps and bass hits
  • Solid natural finish birch resonating body reacts much like a kick drum
  • Non-slip rubber feet