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MEINL Sonic Energy 6" Essence Crystal Singing Bowl, Clear, E4, 440 Hz, Solarplexus Chakra Standard


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The Meinl Sonic Energy essence crystal singing bowl produces a distinctively clear, rich and deep sound through vibration, sending you and listeners into a relaxed state. Crafted from high-purity quartz, this singing bowl sustains an extremely long-lasting resonance when played by gently tapping or rubbing its rim. With an intricately handcrafted shape tuned to a precise E4 at 440 Hz, it emits a pleasant aura ideal for meditation, yoga, sound therapy and more.

Fill Any Room With Soothing, Ethereal Tones

Made from pure quartz, the Meinl Essence singing bowl sends calming vibrations outward when played, surrounding you with positive energy. Its clear, strong tones are perfect for creating an ambiance of relaxation and tranquility. By tapping or rubbing the rim, you can make the singing bowl's rich resonance last for minutes on end. The 440 Hz frequency aligns with the solar plexus chakra, promoting emotional healing and inner strength.

Lightweight Body Designed for Comfortable Playing

With its lightweight quartz construction, the Meinl Essence crystal singing bowl is easy to hold in your hands or lap for comfortable playing during meditation sessions, sound baths and more. The intricate shape fits nicely in your palm, making it simple to produce soothing tones by rubbing the mallet around the rim. Wherever you use it, this portable singing bowl is easy to transport.

Crafted From Pure Quartz for Optimal Tonal Purity

The high purity of the quartz used to create the Meinl Essence singing bowl allows it to produce exceptionally clear and focused tones. Free of impurities, the quartz material resonates freely when played, sustaining each note with clarity. This singing bowl is carefully handcrafted and tuned to maintain optimal tonal character through vibration.

Includes Accessories for Playing and Protection

Your Meinl Essence crystal singing bowl comes complete with accessories for playing and storing. Use the included silicone mallet to produce tones by rubbing it around the rim. A silicone ring prevents sliding on surfaces. And the sturdy carrying bag keeps the bowl safe when transporting to your next sound session.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm