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MEINL Sonic Energy Ritual Drum with Goat Skin Head 20 in.


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The Meinl Sonic Energy ritual drum with goat skin head brings an unmatched resonance and profound tones to your sound healing or musical sessions. With the Meinl drum's deep, warm voice that seems to envelope your surroundings, each strike becomes an enthralling encounter. Using the included mallet, you can unleash your creativity to forge unique rhythms and beats—from mesmerizing, meditative pulses to lively, dance-inducing grooves. The Meinl Ritual Drum features a sturdy cord cross handle for a perfect grip, letting you get fully immersed in the drumming experience. Since every Meinl Ritual Drum is handcrafted, each one has an innately distinctive voice to discover. Let this remarkable drum awaken your senses.

Deep, Warm Tones That Engross the Senses

Once you hear the Meinl Ritual Drum's profound resonance and rich, deep tones, you'll be engrossed by its soulful voice. As you play, the vibrations seem to reverberate through your whole being. Whether you lightly tap out a soothing, meditative rhythm or pound out an energetic beat, this Meinl drum's sounds wrap around you like a warm blanket. The innate warmth and remarkable resonance make this ritual drum ideal for sound baths, grounding exercises or whenever you want to get lost in captivating tones. Each strike draws you deeper into the present moment.

Remarkable Resonance for Sound Baths and Grounding

With its outstanding resonance and ability to fill a space with mesmerizing vibrations, the Meinl Ritual Drum is perfect for sound baths, grounding sessions or drum circles. The drum's deep voice creates a profoundly relaxing ambience. As you play a steady, soothing rhythm, you can feel the calming vibrations relax both your mind and body. The drum's natural tones help you settle into the present, releasing stress and tension. During group sessions, the Meinl drum's captivating resonance enhances the experience, allowing everyone to connect through the shared vibrations. Wherever you play it, this ritual drum's remarkable properties will help deepen your experience.

Cord Cross Handle Provides Perfect Grip

To allow for comfortable, controlled playing, the Meinl Ritual Drum has a durable cord cross handle. The handle gives you a perfect grip so you can strike the drum at any angle with precision. Since your hand stays anchored yet relaxed, you can fully focus on the drumming experience rather than how you're holding the instrument. The Meinl drum's ergonomic handle makes it easy to play captivating rhythms and explore the drum's potential during longer sessions. You'll feel a deeper connection through the cord handle.

Mallet Included to Explore Captivating Rhythmic Potential

To unlock the Meinl Ritual Drum's broad dynamic range, a mallet comes included. The mallet provides exceptional control so you can play anything from a gentle heartbeat rhythm to an invigorating solo. As you explore all the captivating sounds the Meinl drum can produce, you'll discover inspiring new grooves and rhythms. Let the mallet be your key to opening up this ritual drum's mesmerizing potential.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm