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Midas 512 V2 500 Series Parametric EQ Standard

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Surgically shape your mix with the precision and warmth of the Midas heritage.

The Midas 512 V2 brings the esteemed British console maker's parametric EQ into 500 series form. Modeled after the EQ section of their iconic Heritage 3000 console, it packs Midas' legendary warmth and clarity into just four rack spaces. The 512's four-band fully parametric EQ gives you precise control to sculpt your sound. Dial in the exact frequencies you want to cut or boost, up to +/-15dB, with the intuitive dual concentric knobs for each band. Shelving and bell modes provide versatility to target narrow spikes or shape broad spectral ranges. Whether you need to notch out problem frequencies or boost sweet spots, the 512 has the finesse of a surgeon's scalpel and the tone of an old-school legend.

Surgical Precision With Four Fully Parametric Bands

The 512 V2 puts potent parametric EQ under your fingertips across its four overlapping bands. Precisely tune the frequency centers with the outer rings, from 20Hz to 20kHz. Then dial in the perfect amount of cut or boost, up to +/-15dB, with the inner knobs. With the ability to zero in on any frequency at any width, you can nip feedback, carve out muddy lows, add shimmer up top and shape the overall tonal balance. The 512 V2nbrings studio-grade EQ control into a compact 500 series module.

The Pristine Midas Heritage 3000 Sound

Midas consoles need no introduction for their revered British EQ. The 512 V2 captures that same magic, modeled after the EQ section of the Heritage 3000. Expect the same smooth, musical tonality that made Midas a studio and live mixing legend. Warm lows, silky highs and a rich midrange let your tracks bloom just like they would through a vintage Midas console channel strip.

Intuitive Dual Concentric Knobs

The 512 V2 keeps the EQ process fast and intuitive with its dual concentric knobs for each band. The outer ring controls frequency selection, while the inner knob adjusts gain. Visual feedback comes easy, with 12 o'clock as the default flat setting. Boost by turning the inner knob clockwise and cut by turning counterclockwise. Having immediate access to both parameters at your fingertips makes dialing in tones easier.

Shelving & Bell Modes For Versatility

Alongside the precision of parametric EQ, the 512 V2 also gives you shelving modes on the low and high bands for added versatility. Engage the Bass and Treble bell switches to enable tighter Q control for notching out spikes. Disengage the bells for smoother shelving over a wide range. Dial in the perfect balance of surgical parametric bands and broad shelf control to shape any source.