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Miraphone 186-4U Series 4-Valve 4/4 BBb Tuba 186-4V Yellow Brass 4 Valve Nickel-Silver Slides


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A commanding presence with nuanced control.

The Miraphone 186-4U Series BBb Tuba delivers a bold and resonant tone with nuanced control. This professional tuba features a 17.7" bell and .772" bore for powerful projection and a rich, warm sound. Four high-quality valves provide a full range of pitch and responsive playability. Its nickel silver slides and trim are durable yet visually striking. An ergonomic design with comfortable weight distribution makes the 186-4U Series easy to hold and play during long rehearsals and performances.

A 17.7-Inch Bell Projects Powerfully
The 186-4U Series' large 17.7" bell produces a commanding tone that projects powerfully. Its size provides resonant low frequencies and a warm timbre, allowing tuba players to be heard clearly even when performing with a full orchestra. The bell's flared shape also aids in tuning and focus, resulting in accurate intonation and a concentrated tone.

Four Valves Provide Nuanced Control
Four high-quality valves give tuba players nuanced control over pitch and tone. The additional valves extend the range of the instrument and allow for alternate fingerings, producing a wider array of tones. Tuba players can articulate more complex melodies and harmonies with the responsive valves. The valves are also durable and long-lasting, providing consistent performance over years of regular use.

An Ergonomic Design for Easy Playability
The 186-4U Series features an ergonomic design optimized for comfortable playability. Its balanced weight distribution reduces fatigue, even during long rehearsals and performances. The tuba's shape fits comfortably on the lap or shoulder, with contoured edges that avoid digging into the body. The valve section is also thoughtfully placed for natural hand position and fingering. These ergonomic details allow tuba players to focus on their music rather than physical strain.

High-Quality Components Provide Durability
Nickel silver slides and trim give the 186-4U Series durability and visual appeal. Nickel silver is resistant to corrosion and tarnish, maintaining a bright, reflective finish even after years of use. The nickel silver components are also precisely fitted to the tuba for smooth, reliable performance. With regular maintenance, the 186-4U Series provides decades of use, ready to inspire audiences with its powerful and nuanced voice.

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  • Key: BBb
  • Size: 4/4
  • Bore: .772 in.
  • Bell: 17.7 in. 
  • Bell Position: Upright
  • Number of Valves: 4
  • Valve Position: Front
  • Valve Type: Rotary
  • Valve Material: Brass
  • Features: Nickel Silver Leadpipe and Wreath
  • Case: No
  • Mouthpiece: Miraphone TU29
  • Finish: Lacquer