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Moog Spectravox Semi-Modular Analog Spectral Processor Standard


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Sculpt your soundscape with this analog spectral synthesizer.

The Spectravox semi-modular analog spectral processor from Moog takes sound sculpting to new dimensions. Designed for serious synthesists and electronic musicians, its 10-band filter bank lets you shape and animate any input signal. Whether you use the built-in analog oscillator and noise generator, or process vocals, guitars and more through the combo input, Spectravox opens up a world of psychedelic tonal possibilities.

Animate Your Sound With Voltage-Controlled Filters

At the heart of Spectravox are 10 variable-resonance filters that shift and sweep together under voltage control. You can conjure shimmering choral effects, otherworldly drones and vibrant phaser-like sweeps. Unlike fixed filter banks of the past, these filters are continuously variable, allowing you to discover uncharted sonic territory.

Create Any Sound Source

Spectravox excels as a standalone synthesizer thanks to its thick analog oscillator and white noise generator. But its true power is revealed when you connect external sounds. Plug in a mic and Spectravox morphs into a 10-band analog vocoder, mapping the dynamics of your voice onto the oscillator. Connect a drum machine or synth, and Spectravox sculpts the input into a mesmerizing percussive dreamscape. Whatever you input, Spectravox reshapes it into something new.

Patch in Endless Creative Routing

Spectravox invites you to experiment by providing patch points to every parameter. Connect it to other Moog semi-modular synths or your Eurorack system for modular madness. Trigger filter sweeps with LFOs and envelopes. Modulate resonance and level settings with control voltages. The possibilities for patching and modulation are practically infinite.

Honor a Legacy of Innovation

Spectravox continues Moog's legacy of boundary-pushing analog design. Inspired by Bob Moog's pioneering vocoder and filter bank work in the 1960s and '70s, Spectravox provides a modern exploration of this topology using 10 state-variable filters, and dedicated hiss and buzz controls. The result is an instrument with historic roots but a sound all its own.

Analog Sound Engine
  • Sound Source: VCO, White Noise Generator
  • Filter: 10x variable resonance voltage-controlled filters: 1 Low-Pass
  • Filter, 8 Bandpass Filters, 1 High-pass Filters
  • Envelope: VCA EG (Decay)
Analysis Engine Sources
  • Sources: Ext. Input via 1/4"/XLR combo jack or 3.5 mm jack with preamplifier
  • XLR input supports dynamic mics. Condenser mics may require external 48V power
  • Jacks: 36 x 3.5 mm
  • Inputs: 19 Input Jacks
  • Outputs: 17 Output Jacks
Rear Panel
  • Audio: 1⁄4” TRS Headphone or 1/4" TS Instrument
  • Power: Power supply connection
  • Security: Kensington lock slot
Power Supply (Included)
  • Power Supply: Style: wall adapter; barrel connection; center-pin positive
  • Input: 100 - 240VAC; 50Hz–60Hz
  • Output: +12VDC; 2.0A
Power Consumption
  • Typical: 4.8W
Eurorack Specs
  • Current Draw: 450mA (maximum) from +12VDC (10-pin header)
  • Mounting Dims: 60HP (1.5” Module Depth)


  • 10-band analog filter bank for timbral animation and spectral sculpting
  • Built-in analog oscillator and white noise generator for standalone synthesis
  • Combo XLR/jack input enables 10-band vocoding of any external sound source
  • Comprehensive patch bay for integrating with modular synths and Eurorack systems