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Moosmann Excellent Series Contrabassoon Bocal 1


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Artisan-level contrabassoon bocal.

Moosmann manufactures bocals in the same, time-honored tradition that all high quality bocals are made by hand out of a single sheet of metal. They are formed around a mandrel; the seam is soldered and is bent into the classic shape. This process assures perfectly consistent thickness and adherence to the specified conical bore.

These bocals are standard issue for the American Model Moosmann bassoons. The main characteristics of the "Excellent Series" bocals are stability and power. They are available in #1 and #2 lengths, "A" or "P" Conus, and either "W" (German Silver) or "DG" (Thin-Walled Brass) variations.

The "W" material has a bright, focused and projecting sound, where the "DG" material is a bit warmer with excellent high register response.