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Nino Cabasa Standard


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A classic percussion instrument with an innovative construction.

The Nino Cabasa is a uniquely designed percussion instrument that produces the distinctive cabasa sound. Its wooden cylinder is covered in a rippled metal plate surrounded by metal beads. When you hold the handle in one hand and scratch the beads across the plate with your other hand, it creates the familiar cabasa effect. Nino designed this model specifically so that even children can easily play it. Musicians of all ages will appreciate the Nino Cabasa's high-quality yet affordable construction and enjoy using its versatile sound in a variety of musical styles.

Authentic Cabasa Sound in an Accessible Design
The Nino Cabasa is built to accurately reproduce the rattling sound of a traditional cabasa. Its metal beads scraping across the rippled metal plate surrounding its wooden body results in an authentic cabasa effect. While many cabasas require a firm grip and scratching motion to produce their sound, Nino designed this model with a handle that fits comfortably in a child's hand. The handle allows even novice percussionists to easily play the instrument and achieve the classic cabasa sound.

Durable Construction for Frequent Use
The Nino Cabasa is crafted from high-quality materials that stand up to active playing. Its wooden cylinder is sturdy yet lightweight, providing a solid base for the metal plate and beads assembly. The metal components are securely attached to the wood so they won't come loose or fall off, even during energetic performances. This durable construction means the Nino Cabasa can handle frequent use for many years without showing signs of damage or needing replacement parts.

Versatile Instrument Works in Many Genres
With its distinctive sound and accessible design, the Nino Cabasa is a versatile percussion instrument that works well in many musical genres and playing situations. Its rattling effect is ideal for creating Latin-inspired rhythms but can also add interesting textures to rock, jazz and world music. The Nino Cabasa's compact size makes it highly portable so you can easily take it to gigs, recording sessions or jam sessions. Whether you need a cabasa for studio work or live shows, the Nino Cabasa is a versatile, portable and affordable option.

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  • Size: medium
  • Material: Steel chain and cylinder
  • Ergonomically shaped wooden handle