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Nuvo jHorn White/Green


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Designed to make it fun and easy for children to take up a brass instrument.

The Nuvo jHorn is a revolutionary "brass" instrument suitable for all ages and levels. It can be used as a pre-band instrument in Elementary classrooms and equally as a fun practice instrument for adult players. The lightweight durable design makes it easy to carry around and the tone is surprisingly loud and expressive. It plays the same register as a baritone horn, euphonium or trombone and has standard "brass" fingerings.

The tuning is in Bb, but Nuvo have included a set of C tubes that will enable you to tune your jHorn in concert pitch. This means you can easily play along with other Nuvo instruments such as jSax, jFlute and Clarineo without transposing the music. These 4 instruments form the basis for our WindStars 2 classroom curriculum.

Made from durable ABS resin with their patented rotary face valves, the jHorn weighs just 0.7 Kgs and measures 36cm x 30cm. It is 100% waterproof making it easy to clean in hot soapy water and if the mood grabs you, you could even play outside in the rain - until the bell fills up! 

The jHorn comes with a unique multi-cup mouthpiece with 3 silicone cups replicating low, middle and high brass cup profiles. You may also try a standard trumpet, alto horn or even a small bore trombone mouthpiece. 

As with all Nuvo instruments, Nuvo encourage you to KIO (Keep it Out!). Keeping your jHorn close at hand encourages a quick practice or even a spontaneous performance.

Nuvo specializes in developing instruments that are musically authentic while at the same time being more suitable for children to get started at an early age. Most traditional musical instruments were designed many years ago and with the intention that they would be played by adults. 

Teachers will be familiar with some of the physical challenges faced by children playing full sized instruments and while there are half and three quarter sized violins, there were no options for woodwinds until Nuvo developed the Clarinéo back in 2010. Since then Nuvo also developed the jFlute and jSax, but there was a gap in their range when it came to brass. 

The jHorn draws inspiration from the baritone horn in terms of its acoustics and could be described as the first completely new brass instrument on the market for many years. Weighing just 1.5 lbs, the jHorn is extremely practical and encourages children as young as 4 to practice more frequently. 

Nuvo believe that children should start music early and have access to instruments that inspire and encourage them. Nuvo's instruments are inexpensive and practical and all of them provide the perfect foundation before graduation to full sized orchestral instruments.