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Orange Amplifiers Sustain Effects Pedal Orange


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Classic sustain with a smooth bloom and buffered bypass.

The Orange Sustain pedal has been brought back from the dead to breathe everlasting life into guitar tones once again. Acting like an overdrive for your clean tone, Orange Sustain smooths, regulates and evens out your guitar sound, making the soft parts louder and the loud parts softer to create a more consistent volume. It can boost volume without scuffing purity, offer a more chiming tone that takes the edge off each note’s attack and create long-lasting warm tones that allow expressive hammer-on fingerings and sine wave-like internote smoothness. Sticking as close as sonically possible to the exhumed original, the 2022 update offers a smoother bloom thanks to its differential side-chain, as well as an LED that switches from blue to purple when the gain reduction is kicking in.
  • Controls: Level, Depth
  • Power: 9/12 V DC adapter (center negative)
  • Current draw @ 9V: 7 MA


  • Low power consumption
  • Buffered bypass
  • Double LED indicator