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Pearl Cabana Cajon 11.75 x 19.75 x 11.75 in. Mahogany


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A cajon with unparalleled bass and snare control.

The Cabana cajon gives percussionists an instrument with a level of tonal customization never before seen in a cajon. Its internal bass port amplifies low frequencies to provide a robust low end unheard of in most cajons. The Cabana cajon's built-in guitar strings can be tuned with a screw on the bottom of the cajon to produce a snare effect that ranges from sharp and cutting to muted and subtle. Constructed from Philippine mahogany, the Cabana cajon delivers a warm, rich tone with beautifully complex overtones. A stunning grain through mahogany finish gives the Cabana cajon an appearance as stylish as its sound.

Deep Bass From an Internal Port
The Cabana cajon's internal bass port significantly boosts bass frequencies for a full, resonant low end. The bass port allows low notes to resonate freely, producing a deep, booming tone. Percussionists will appreciate the Cabana cajon's ability to provide a solid bass foundation for any music.

Adjustable Snare Wires for Crisp Attack
The Cabana cajon features built-in guitar strings that can be tuned using a screw on the bottom of the cajon. Tightening the strings produces a sharp, cutting snare effect, while loosening the strings creates a more muted snare tone. Percussionists can adjust the snare wires to achieve the exact snare sound they want. The Cabana cajon gives players unparalleled control over their instrument's attack and resonance.

Philippine Mahogany Construction and Finish
The Cabana cajon is crafted from Philippine mahogany, a tonewood prized for its warmth and resonance. The mahogany construction gives the Cabana cajon a rich, complex tone with sustain for days. A stylish grain through mahogany finish highlights the wood's natural beauty. Overall, the Cabana cajon is an instrument that looks, sounds and feels amazing.

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  • Rear-facing built-in bass port
  • Adjustable guitar wire snares
  • Tuning wrench included
  • Boosted bass tones
  • Internal Velcro strips for snare dampening
  • Philippine mahogany construction

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm