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Pearl Finalist FMTB0234 Marching Tenor Set 10, 12, 13, 14 in. Pure White


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A lightweight yet powerful marching tenor set for dynamic on-field performances.

The Pearl Finalist FMTB0234 marching tenor set delivers the projection and tone marching percussionists need with innovative features that make it a joy to play. This quad configuration with 10", 12", 13" and 14" drums is specially crafted for today's drumlines, with Pearl's renowned build quality and attention to detail. The medium-depth "Mid-Cut" birch shells reduce weight for hours of comfortable carrying and dynamic motion during your halftime show. Reinforcement rings made of maple add punch and projection to the birch shell tone. Pearl's Championship Series cast aluminum hardware provides rock-solid tuning and positioning on the field. Z-Plate spacers enable a perfect and stable position for any tenor configuration without rattling. With 2.3 mm SuperHoop II rims, you'll enjoy outstanding durability and consistent response for seasons of intense marching. The Pearl Finalist FMTB0234 marching tenor Set is compatible with Pearl's CXT2 Airframe 2 carriers, making transport effortless so you can focus on your performance.

Medium-Depth Shells Reduce Weight for Comfortable Marching

The Pearl Finalist FMTB0234 marching tenor set features medium-depth "Mid-Cut" shells, an innovation that reduces weight without sacrificing tone. At just 5.4 mm thickness, the 6-ply birch shells are lightweight and easy to carry during your marching band's dynamic halftime routine. The medium-depth profile provides focused attack and projection to cut through the mix. You'll enjoy hours of comfortable playability thanks to the reduced weight. Whether you're marching across the 50-yard line or maneuvering through complex drill patterns, these innovative Pearl tenor drums make a moving performance possible.

Maple Rings Add Punch and Projection

To enhance the birch shells' natural tone, Pearl adds maple reinforcement rings. The layered maple provides added depth and punch, allowing your tenor drums to project clearly to the audience. Maple's dense grain also boosts the shell's rigidity for consistent, crackling response. With the combination of birch and maple, the Pearl Finalist Marching Tenors deliver the power needed for drumlines to be heard over horns and percussion in an energetic stadium environment. The rich tonal character will allow your creative grooves and fills to shine.

Z-Plate Spacers Prevent Rattling

With the Pearl Finalist FMTB0234 marching tenor set, you never have to worry about rattling hardware ruining your performance. The Z-plate spacers provide a perfect and stable position for any tenor configuration. The spacers eliminate give or play between the drums, keeping your tones focused and rattle-free. With solid stability and no annoying buzzes, you can unleash complex rhythms with speed and confidence. Whether executing tricky crossovers or bringing the energy on a cadence, you'll sound ultra-tight.

SuperHoop II Rims Offer Lasting Durability

The Pearl Finalist Marching Tenors are equipped with 2.3 mm SuperHoop II rims for outstanding durability so you can count on consistent response season after season. The double-rolled steel hoops maintain roundness and resist warping or rusting, even with the most aggressive playing. Consistent tension translates to reliable rebound for intricate rhythmic parts. You'll never have to worry about dead, uneven tones right before a big performance. With SuperHoop II rims, these Pearl drums will hold up through intense weather, travel and your most powerful playing.

Designed for Use With CX2 AirFrame Carriers

Marching with heavy drums can be exhausting, but the Pearl Finalist Tenors make it easy with compatibility with Pearl's CXT2 Airframe 2 carriers. The innovative ergonomic carriers properly distribute weight across your core and shoulders. You'll conserve energy during long practice sessions, rehearsals and halftime shows. The adjustable design accommodates players of all sizes.

Note: Pearl CXT2 Airframe 2 carriers are sold separately.


  • 10'', 12'', 13'', 14" birch shells with maple reinforcement rings for depth and punch
  • Medium-depth "Mid-Cut" shells for reduced weight
  • Championship Series cast aluminum hardware
  • Z-Plate spacers for stable tenor configuration without play between drums
  • 2.3mm SuperHoop II rims for durability without warping or rust
  • Compatible with CXT2 Airframe 2 tenor carriers