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Pearl Flutes Quantz 665 Series Flutes 665RBE1RB - B Foot, Offset G with Split E


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Rich sounding with lower overtones.

The Pearl Flutes Quantz Series 665RBE flute combines traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation for advancing musicians. Featuring a silver headjoint, silver-plated body, and sterling silver keys, this intermediate flute produces a clear, melodic tone that responds dynamically to the subtlest changes in breath and technique. The 665RBE has a free-blowing Largo headjoint, offset G key system, split E mechanism, and B footjoint—all thoughtfully designed with the developing flutist in mind.

Handcrafted Silver Keys Provide Effortless Playability
The 665RBE's hand-assembled, silver-plated keys are balanced and responsive, enabling nuanced fingering for ambitious passages. Their open-hole style and French pointed arms further enhance playability, allowing for a broad range of tonal colors. The split E mechanism, meanwhile, delivers improved E-flat to E transitions in the third octave.

Largo Headjoint Produces a Versatile, Singing Tone
At the heart of the 665RBE is Pearl Flutes' signature Largo headjoint, renowned for its pure, centered tone and dynamic expressiveness. Constructed of sterling silver, the Largo headjoint generates a light, resonant tone with a colorful timbre, suited for both solo and ensemble performance. Its free-blowing quality also makes extended techniques like flutter tonguing, growling, and pitch bending more easily achieved.

Offset G and B Footjoint Extend Range and Comfort
For comfortable playability across its range, the 665RBE features an offset G key system, in which the G key is positioned forward for natural hand placement. Its B footjoint, meanwhile, provides flutists access to notes below C5, expanding the low range. Together, these design elements facilitate a smooth transition between registers while enabling extended techniques.

Pinless, Core-Bar Construction Ensures Lasting Quality
Using revolutionary pinless construction and a 1-piece core-bar, Pearl Flutes has created an instrument that guarantees enduring performance. The core-bar provides structural integrity from the flute's high C key down to the king post, while the pinless mechanism eliminates protruding pins that can snag on clothing or corrode over time. These hallmarks of Pearl's craftsmanship assure flutists of the 665RBE's premium quality and longevity.


  • Sterling silver head
  • Silver-plated body and foot
  • Silver-plated keys
  • French pointed arms
  • Open-hole key style with French pointed arms
  • B foot mechanism
  • Sterling silver headjoint
  • Includes: Case, cleaning rod

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm