Item #1599688 Model #PTE14/C46

Pearl PTE Concert Series Single Head 14" Tom With BT3 & 7/8" Receiver 14 x 12 in. Midnight Black


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A concert-ready tom drum exuding rich, nuanced tone.

The Pearl PTE Concert Series single head tom takes your kit to new sonic heights. Ideal for percussionists seeking that elusive, concert-hall quality of sound, it boasts Pearl's proprietary Superior Shell Technology—meticulously constructed for unparalleled resonance and projection. The PTE Concert Series single head tom features robust 6-ply shells made from a precise blend of Poplar and Kapur woods. This combination generates a gorgeously warm, nuanced tonality perfect for the stage or studio. Triple-flanged steel hoops add brightness and sustain to each stroke. For discerning drummers, the PTE Concert Series single head tom brings out the deepest dimension in your playing.

Superior Shell Technology Generates Optimal Resonance and Projection

At the core of the PTE Concert Series single head tom is Pearl's Superior Shell Technology, engineered to produce shells with the ultimate acoustic properties. Beginning with select wood plies chosen specifically for their tonal characteristics, the plies are precision-milled and fused using Pearl's proprietary techniques. This achieves a seamless, airtight shell that resonates purely and projects sound with remarkable efficiency. The final result is a drum shell exhibiting the peak of wood-shell design—superb resonance, crystal-clear articulation and a wonderfully nuanced tone.

6-Ply Poplar and Kapur Shells Create a Rich, Warm Tone

The PTE Concert Series single head tom shell comprises six plies of Poplar and Kapur woods, renowned for their acoustic properties. Together, these tonewoods generate a gorgeously rich and warm tonality, with excellent note separation even at loud volumes. The 7.5mm shell thickness provides a balanced foundation, allowing the drum to sing with remarkable complexity. You'll appreciate the organic, nuanced character in every stroke.

1.6mm Triple-Flanged Steel Hoops Offer Durability and Sustain

Outfitted with 1.6mm triple-flanged steel hoops, the PTE Concert Series single head tom offers outstanding durability for consistent tuning and professional-grade performance. The hoops also enhance brightness and allow the drum to sustain for days. You'll delight in the added harmonics and shimmer.

BT3 Mounts Enable Versatile Positioning and Angle Adjustments

Pearl's BT3 mounting system enables extensive positioning options, letting you place the PTE Concert Series single head tom exactly where you want within your kit. The mount connects securely to the drum shell for reliable performance. For even more adjustability, pair it with the TH88 geared tilter for fine-tuning the tom angle. Finding your ideal setup is easy.


  • 6-ply, 7.5mm Poplar/Kapur Shells with superior tone and projection
  • Proprietary Superior Shell Technology for optimal resonance
  • Low mass tension lugs enhance shells' natural resonance
  • 1.6mm triple-flanged steel rims
  • Mounts to sturdy double tom stand (sold separately) via BT3 direct tom mounts
  • Geared tilter for adjustable positioning