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Positive Grid Spark Control X Wireless Footswitch for Spark Series Amps Standard


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Wireless foot control perfected for Spark amps.

Get advanced wireless control of your Spark series guitar amp with the Spark Control X, the official foot controller from Positive Grid. This next-generation controller lets you easily swap presets, toggle effects, run backing tracks and much more—all without cables. Designed specifically for Spark amps, the Spark Control X integrates seamlessly to give you total command of your tone.

Seamlessly Connect Without Cables

Go wireless with the Spark Control X. It connects to your Spark amp via a robust, low-latency wireless link for cable-free operation. Setup takes seconds, with no need to mess with cables on stage. With a range up to 130', you can control your Spark amp from anywhere on stage. Never worry about tripping over cables again.

Customize Controls With LED-Lit Footswitches

The Spark Control X puts control at your feet with six footswitches. Easily switch amp channels, toggle effects on/off and scroll through presets. The footswitches are LED backlit so you can see status at a glance, even in dark venues. You can customize the footswitches to control the functions you want via the Spark app. With options like switching channels and effects, selecting presets and more, you can optimize the footswitches for your needs.

Morph Your Sound With Expression Inputs

Shape your tone in real time with two expression pedal inputs. Connect expression pedals (sold separately) and assign them to control different amp and effect parameters for dynamic sound-sculpting possibilities. Use one to sweep a filter for wah effects, for example and another to control delay mix. The tactile control takes your performance expressiveness to the next level.

Label Controls Your Way

The Spark Control X comes with three interchangeable faceplates so you can customize labels for the footswitches and expression inputs. The transparent acrylic overlays let you notate functions in your own way, using the included marker. Swap overlays when you reconfigure your setup. You'll always know what switch does what at a glance.

Designed for the way guitarists work, the Spark Control X gives you enhanced wireless control of Spark amps for incredible convenience. The customizable footswitches, expression inputs and interchangeable faceplates make this much more than just a basic amp switcher. Guitarists who use Spark amps will appreciate the seamless integration and hands-free flexibility.


  • Seamless, wireless integration with any Spark series amp
  • 6 customizable footswitches with multi-color LED indicators
  • Durable aluminum housing with silicone cover for added protection and stability
  • Rechargeable battery