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PreSonus Quantum ES 2 USB-C 2 x 2 Audio Interface With 6-Month Studio One+ Membership Included Standard


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A streamlined interface empowering musicians' self-recording prowess.

The PreSonus Quantum QES 2 is a powerful 2x2 USB-C audio interface built to fuel your creativity and unlock professional recording capabilities. Whether you're a singer-songwriter tracking at home or a content creator in need of pristine audio, the ES 2 delivers the PreSonus signature studio-quality sound in a compact, intuitive package. Its advanced hardware and software integration provide an effortless experience so you can focus on what matters most—your art.

Mic Preamps Engineered for Modern Recording

At the heart of the ES 2 are two newly designed MAX-HD mic preamps, the culmination of over 30 years of PreSonus innovation. With an expansive 75dB of gain, these transparent, low-noise preamps maximize performance with today's most popular studio microphones. You'll capture vocals, acoustic instruments and speech with exceptional clarity and detail. The preamps' digitally controlled analog circuitry ensures consistent quality on every take.

Craft Rich, Defined Instrument Tones

The ES 2 features an instrument input honed by the experts at Fender to provide an ideal tonal foundation for guitar and bass. Its design preserves the natural character and dynamics of your playing, whether you're plugging in an electric or acoustic-electric. Record licks and riffs with studio-grade presence and definition. The ES 2's converters render every nuance so you can finesse tones to perfection during mixdown.

Effortless Recording With Auto Gain

One of the ES 2's standout features is its innovative Auto Gain control. With the press of a button, it automatically sets the optimal gain staging for your mics and instruments. This spares you from tedious knob tweaking and lets you focus on nailing performances rather than worrying about clipping or noise. The included Studio One recording software further streamlines your workflow by allowing you to control gain staging and other settings directly from your DAW.

Seamless Software Integration Boosts Your Workflow

In addition to Studio One's deep integration, the ES 2 comes complete with PreSonus' Universal Control app for desktop and mobile. This ingenious software utility lets you wirelessly control the interface from any device—phone, tablet or computer. Adjust mic preamp gain, phantom power and more without interrupting your recording flow. You're always just a tap away from the perfect sound, whether tracking at home or capturing audio at a remote location.

With its potent combination of pristine audio quality, effortless usability and seamless software integration, the PreSonus Quantum ES 2 is a creative force multiplier. It eliminates the technical barriers between you and your artistic vision, empowering you to record and produce with the same tools used by top professionals. Unlock your full potential with the Quantum ES 2 as your recording partner.


  • 2x2, 24-bit/192kHz USB-C audio interface
  • High-performance converters let you hear and capture audio with stunning clarity and fidelity
  • Custom low-latency driver provides exceptionally low audio latencies when recording
  • Next-generation PreSonus MAX-HD preamp provides transparency and accuracy across the frequency range with +75dB of gain to maximize the performance for a wide range of today’s most popular microphones for modern recording and broadcast
  • Auto Gain button sets the perfect gain level for your microphones and instruments, so you get the perfect take every time
  • Critical preamp functions like preamp gain, phantom power and more can be controlled right from Studio One or the Universal Control app, in addition to hardware, so you can dial in the perfect gain staging without looking away from your recording session
  • Bright and responsive LED metering lets you keep an eye on your input and output meters, perfect when recording alone
  • Two balanced 1/4" TRS main outputs and high-power headphone output for flexible monitoring.
  • Loopback audio makes creating monitor and streaming mixes quick and easy