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Primary Sonor Global Beat Deep Bass Metallophone Standard


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A resonant percussion instrument with educational benefits.

The Global Beat Deep Bass Metallophone gives percussionists an affordable way to explore melodic possibilities. Featuring precisely tuned aluminum alloy bars and an all-wood resonator box, this metallophone produces a warm, sustaining tone that sings. Each bar is clearly labeled with its pitch name, making the instrument ideal for helping students develop an understanding of pitch relationships and intervals.

Precision Tuning and Premium Materials For Rich Tone
The Global Beat Deep Bass Metallophone is equipped with durable yet resonant aluminum alloy bars, precision tuned to the standard A440 pitch. When struck with the included pair of mallets, the bars ring out with a full, rounded tone that sustains beautifully. The all-wood resonator box amplifies the sound and gives it a mellow character. Overall, this metallophone offers a tone that's pleasing to the ear for practicing or performing.

Educational Features Aid in Pitch Recognition
A key benefit of the Global Beat Deep Bass Metallophone is its ability to help students develop a strong sense of pitch. Each bar is clearly stamped with its pitch name, from A to G so players can see and hear the relationship between notes. The flexible rubber pin mounting system allows bars to be rearranged, supporting custom scales and modes for exploring intervals and chords. For beginners and children, the obvious pitch markings and flexibility make music theory concepts more engaging and accessible.

Includes Essential Accessories
The Global Beat Deep Bass Metallophone comes with everything you need to start playing right out of the box. It includes a pair of mallets with rattan handles and felt heads that produce a warm, rounded attack on the bars. It also comes with additional F# and Bb bars so you have the full diatonic range to play in multiple keys. A mallet holder attached to the resonator box provides convenient storage for the mallets when not in use. Overall, this metallophone is a complete, high-quality percussion instrument ready for musicians, students and educators.

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