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Primary Sonor Global Beat Deep Bass Xylophone with Fiberglass Bars Fiberglass Bars


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A resonant and durable xylophone with an educational focus.

The Global Beat Deep Bass Xylophone with Fiberglass Bars provides an ideal instrument for music education. With 16 fiberglass bars tuned to the C major scale plus F# and Bb bars, it offers a full range of notes for students to explore. The fiberglass material ensures consistent tone and durability to withstand heavy classroom use for years.

Fiberglass Bars Provide Consistent Tone and Durability
The fiberglass bars on this xylophone are designed to produce a consistent tone while withstanding impacts that could damage wooden bars. Fiberglass is resistant to changes in humidity that can affect the pitch of wooden bars. These durable yet musical bars provide an ideal learning tool for students.

Multi-Chambered Resonator Box Enhances Projection and Sustain
The birch plywood resonator box features six separate chambers to enhance the projection and sustain of each note. The chambers are specifically tuned to resonate with the pitches of the bars above them, resulting in a full, resonant tone that carries. Students will appreciate the musical quality of this xylophone.

Educational Features Aid in Learning
Several features of this xylophone support music education. The note name of each bar is stamped in the center of the bar and inside the resonator chamber below it. This helps students match each bar to the correct note. An included bar bag provides storage for the F# and Bb bars when not in use. A pair of mallets is also included so students have everything they need to start playing right away.

Accessories Included for Convenience
In addition to the educational features, this xylophone includes useful accessories. The bar bag gives students a designated place to store the F# and Bb bars when the instrument is not in use. The included mallets provide everything needed to start playing the xylophone right out of the box. These accessories add to the convenience and value of this instrument for educational settings.

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