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Sonor Orff Global Beat Xylophones Diatonic Soprano, Sx-Gb


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Sonor Global Beat Soprano and Alto Xylohones have 35 x 18 mm sucupira sound bars with overtone tuning or fundamental tuning. Their resonator boxes are made of birch plywood. Sonor equips the Global Beat Xylophone with a carrying bag to stow 3 bars (2x f-sharp, 1 x b-flat).
  • Accessories: A carrying bag to show 3 bars (2 x f-sharp, 1 x b-flat)
  • Bars: Scupira bars 35 x 18 mm
  • Mallets: 1 pair SCH 11
  • Number of Bars: 16 bars
  • Resonator Box: Resonator made of birchwood, ply-wood
  • Scale: C-major scale with f-sharp2, b-flat2 and f-sharp3
  • Tonal Range: c2-a3
  • Tuning: Fundamental tuning
  • Type: soprano


  • Bars are made from a South American Hardwood from Brazil called "Sucupira"
  • Tuned to A 440
  • Added Features: mallet storage, chromatic bar bag, flexible rubber pins, note name stamped in the middle of the bars & inside each resonator chamber
  • Each 16-bar diatonic xylophone includes one Bb & two F# bars plus one pair of mallets