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Primary Sonor Primary Line Alto Glockenspiel Diatonic


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A high-quality, eco-friendly glockenspiel perfect for budding musicians.

The Primary Line Alto Glockenspiel is an excellent first instrument for students. Its 16 precision-tuned steel bars span the C major scale from C2 to A3, with engraved note names to help beginners make the connection between notation and pitch. The bars' bright, metallic tone resonates inside a sturdy pine resonator box, filling your rehearsal space with music. A pair of wooden mallets are included to get you playing right away.

Note Names Engrave Bars for Visual Learning
The Alto Glockenspiel's bars are engraved with note names, allowing students to see the relationship between the notes they play and the notes on a staff. This visual reinforcement of pitch helps cement the connection between notation and sound in students' minds, accelerating their musical understanding.

Pine Resonator Provides a Rich Tone
The Alto Glockenspiel's bars rest on a resonator box made of pine, which amplifies their tone and provides a warm, rounded quality. The resonator's design helps project the instrument's sound, allowing an entire classroom to enjoy the glockenspiel's bright, metallic voice.

Wooden Mallets Complete the Package
A pair of wooden mallets are included with the Alto Glockenspiel, providing the perfect implements to play the instrument. Their medium-hard felt heads produce a clear tone from the glockenspiel's bars without damaging them.

Sustainable, High-Quality Construction
The Alto Glockenspiel is built to last, with FSC-certified pine, steel bars and sturdy construction. It provides an eco-friendly, sustainable option for music education programs looking to invest in high-quality instruments.

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  • 16 steel bars
  • Birch resonator box
  • C2 to A3 note range
  • Includes two F# and one Bb bars
  • Tuned to A440
  • Note names & notation symbols printed on each bar
  • Complements existing Primary Line models
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly Proterra finish
  • SCH 95 mallets included