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Primary Sonor Primary Line FSC Deep Bass Xylophone Diatonic


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A resonant bass xylophone sustainably crafted.

The Primary Line FSC Deep Bass Xylophone is a thoughtfully designed bass xylophone that produces a highly resonant, balanced tone. Featuring 16 FSC-certified pao rosa bars precision-tuned to A440, its range spans C to A1 with two F♯s and one B♭ included. Bar note names and notation are printed directly on each bar for quick identification.

Sustainably Sourced Materials Provide Rich, Nuanced Tone
The pao rosa bars are FSC-certified, sustainably harvested to produce a warm, rich tone with complex overtones. They are hand-tuned for accurate pitch, including overtone tuning for lower bars and fundamental tuning for higher bars. Combined with an improved resonator box design, the xylophone projects with a full, nuanced tone that carries in performance settings.

Durable Yet Lightweight Construction
Cross-laminated birch plywood, also FSC-certified, provides a lightweight yet durable base for the resonator box. 100% glued seams and reinforced end plates further strengthen the construction without the use of screws that could inhibit resonance. The result is an instrument that is highly portable for gigging musicians and educators but built to withstand years of use.

Removable Bars Enable Easy Tuning and Part Replacement
Flexible rubber pins secure each bar in place but allow for easy removal when tuning or part replacement is needed. Musicians and educators will appreciate the ability to accurately tune each bar to pitch and swap out individual bars if one becomes damaged, without needing to send the entire xylophone in for repair.

Versatile and Accessorizable
The resonator box accepts optional accessory legs for stationary tabletop use or a BT trolley for chromatic mobility. With a range that extends into the bass clef, the FSC Deep Bass Xylophone pairs well with existing Primary Line models to provide a full complement of Orff instruments for classroom or performance use.

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  • 16 bars made of pao rosa
  • Includes two F# and one Bb bar
  • Note names and notation symbols printed on each bar
  • 1.37" x 0.70" (35 x 18mm) bar dimensions
  • C to A1 note range
  • Precision tuned to A 440
  • laminated birch resonator box
  • 100% glued seams
  • Reinforced endplates provide extra carrying support
  • Non-toxic Proterra eco-friendly finish
  • Made with FSC certified wood
  • SCH 50 mallets included
  • Resonator box can be used with accessory legs or BT trolley chromatic add-ons (sold separately)