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Primary Sonor Primary Line FSC Soprano Xylophone Diatonic


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An eco-friendly soprano xylophone designed for life-long learning and performance.

The Primary Line FSC Soprano Xylophone is a thoughtfully-crafted instrument for beginners and professionals alike. Featuring hand-tuned, FSC-certified pao rosa bars, this soprano xylophone produces an authentic tone capable of nuance and musicality. Its innovative resonator box provides balanced, projecting sound for lessons, rehearsals or the stage. Constructed from durable, eco-friendly birch, this xylophone is built to last through years of regular use. With optional chromatic bars and height-adjustable legs, it adapts to players of all ages and skills. For educators, students and performers seeking an eco-friendly instrument, the Primary Line FSC Soprano Xylophone is ideal.

Hand-Tuned Pao Rosa Bars Create a Resonant, Nuanced Tone
The Primary Line FSC Soprano Xylophone features 16 hand-tuned pao rosa bars, providing a warm, resonant tone with musical depth. Precision-tuned to A440 pitch, these FSC-certified bars include fundamental tuning for higher notes and overtone tuning for lower notes, creating an authentic sound. Two F# bars and one Bb bar allow for flexibility in repertoire. Note names and notation are clearly marked on each bar for learning ease.

Innovative Resonator Box Projects a Balanced, Powerful Tone
A newly-designed resonator box offers improved resonance and tonal balance. Cross-laminated birch plywood provides durability and allows for a screwless construction, enabling the true, resonant tone of the pao rosa bars to ring out. Reinforced end plates and handles provide solid support for transporting this xylophone. The resonator box produces a balanced, projecting tone ideal for lessons, rehearsals or performance settings.

Eco-Friendly, Durable Materials Ensure Long-Lasting Quality
Constructed from FSC-certified birch, the Primary Line FSC Soprano Xylophone is built to withstand years of regular use in an environmentally-friendly way. Its all-wood resonator box is glued for solidity and tone, avoiding the use of metal screws. Flexible rubber pins allow for easy bar removal or replacement. Overall, this xylophone is designed and built for longevity using sustainable materials.

Options for Chromatic Expansion and Adjustable Height
With optional BT trolley chromatic add-ons, the Primary Line FSC Soprano Xylophone can be expanded for full chromatic range. Accessory legs provide adjustable height for players of all ages and abilities. These options, combined with its solid construction and authentic tone, make this an instrument for life-long learning and enjoyment.

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  • Tonal range: C2 to A3
  • Number of bars: 16
  • Tones: C2, D2, E2, F2, F#2, G2, A2, Bb2, B2, C3, D3, E3, F3, F#3, G3, A3
  • Scale: C major
  • Sound bar material: FSC certified pao rosa
  • Sound bar color: Natural
  • Sound bar width: 1.37" (35mm)
  • Sound bars thickness: 0.70" (18mm)
  • Tuning: Fundamental tuning (tuned to A 440)
  • Resonator box: Made of FSC certified birch plywood
  • Finish: Non-toxic Proterra eco-friendly
  • Mallets: 1 pair SCH 50