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PRS David Grissom DGT 15 1x12 Cabinet Celestion with Vintage 30 Speakers Blonde


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Vintage appeal meets modern power with the PRS DGT 15 speaker cabinet.

The PRS DGT 15 1x12 speaker cabinet brings vintage vibe and modern might to your rig. Pairing beautifully with the PRS DGT 15 head, this single 12" cabinet is loaded with the celebrated Celestion Vintage 30 speaker to handle high-gain tones with richness, articulation and authority. The Vintage 30 produces a balanced tonal spectrum—warm, clear lows, growling mids and silky highs—that sound fantastic with the DGT 15 head. A ported back design provides added depth and expression to your tone, keeping any boxiness at bay. Wrapped in classic blonde tolex and fitted with a salt and pepper grill cloth, the DGT 15 cab looks as good as it sounds. The stylish PRS logo plate lends an air of timeless elegance.

Pairs Perfectly with PRS DGT 15 Head

While versatile enough for any tube amp, the DGT 1x12 was expressly designed as the ideal pairing for the PRS DGT 15 head. Together they form a complete rig with wide-ranging vintage character perfect for the studio or stage. Experience the dynamic response, rich harmonics and versatile tone-shaping that this cab adds to your setup. Dial in everything from shimmering cleans to smooth overdrive.

Vintage Appeal Meets Modern Power With Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker

The PRS DGT 15 cabinet is built around the legendary Celestion Vintage 30 speaker, loved by countless artists for its ability to handle high-gain tones with richness, clarity and attitude. The Vintage 30 produces a very balanced frequency response, with warm lows that add body, growling mids that cut through the mix and smooth, detailed highs. This diverse tonal palette pairs extremely well with the PRS DGT 15 amp head, allowing you to craft vintage-flavored tones with modern power and definition. From sparkling cleans to fat, saturated crunch, the Vintage 30 brings out the very best in the DGT 15.

Ported Design Provides Added Depth And Expression

To prevent any boxy, one-dimensional sound, the PRS DGT 15 1x12 cabinet has a specially tuned ported back. The port allows the speaker to breathe and resonate freely, enhancing your tone with extra dimension, liveliness and expression. You can really hear and feel the difference, with the porting adding clarity and openness. Chords ring out with richness and clarity, single notes sustain with remarkable bloom and palm mutes hit tight and focused. The ported design works synergistically with the Celestion Vintage 30, ensuring your tone always has depth and nuance.

Vintage Aesthetic With Blonde Tolex And Logo Plate

The PRS DGT 15 cabinet brings vintage style to match its formidable tone. Dressed in classic blonde tolex, accented by a salt and pepper grill cloth, the DGT 15 1x12 cab oozes retro appeal. The stylish PRS logo plate provides an elegant finishing touch. Thanks to its compact 1x12 configuration, the DGT 15 is easy to transport to gigs. Simply grab the metal handle and you're ready to rock. For stage-ready vintage tone and timeless looks, plug into the PRS DGT 15 speaker cabinet.


  • Celestion Vintage 30 speaker for rich tone and vintage style
  • Ported cabinet for expressive sound without boxiness
  • Blonde tolex covering and salt & pepper grill cloth for handsome looks
  • Perfect pair for PRS DGT 15 head