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PRS Limited-Edition Private Stock John McLaughlin Electric Guitar Charcoal Phoenix


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Signature high-end electric guitar inspired by the renowned British guitarist, John McLaughlin.

The PRS Private Stock John McLaughlin lets you channel the masterful jazz fusion tones of the legendary guitarist. Designed by Paul Reed Smith, every detail of this limited-edition instrument aims to capture John McLaughlin's characteristic sound. From the custom maple top to the mahogany body, it's built for singing sustain and complex harmonics. The exclusive hormigo neck offers excellent note separation for fast lead lines and chords. With an unfinished neck and African blackwood fingerboard, it plays incredibly smooth. The mini-toggle EQ filters shape your tone, enhancing clarity and articulation. For guitarists seeking the ultimate jazz fusion ax, the PRS Private Stock John McLaughlin is a dream instrument.

Custom Maple Top for Rich, Singing Tones

The maple top isn't just beautiful to look at, it's crucial for shaping your tone. Paul Reed Smith hand selected each piece of figured maple for optimum resonance and complexity. When you dig in and let a chord ring out, you'll hear gorgeous overtones blossom. Single note lines sustain beautifully as well. The maple top captures every nuance, from delicate harmonics to aggressive pick attack. It gives the PRS Private Stock John McLaughlin astounding tonal range, allowing you to craft diverse tones.

Mahogany Body for Deep Resonance

The mahogany back adds bottom end punch and singing sustain. Its naturally dense character reinforces overtones, creating a rich bed of resonance beneath the maple top. You'll feel the mahogany body resonating against your torso as you play, transmitting each note's harmonics. Every chord rings out with thrilling depth. When you let a note hang, the mahogany provides exceptional sustain. It brings out the complexity in every note while enhancing projection.

With an Exclusive Hormigo Neck for Clarity and Note Separation

The neck is constructed from hormigo, an exotic tonewood used for marimba keys. Its dense grain but lightweight character enhances note articulation and clarity. You can hear each note ring out distinctly, even when playing complex chords and fast lead lines. The hormigo offers incredible note separation, allowing every melodic line to cut through a mix. It provides the ideal foundation for emulating John McLaughlin's legendary lead tones. The slim neck profile offers comfort for extended playing sessions.

With an Unfinished Neck and African Blackwood Fingerboard for Smooth Playability

For exceptional comfort, PRS left the hormigo neck unfinished. You'll feel the smooth wood grain as you run your hands up and down the neck. The African blackwood fingerboard further enhances playability with its slick feel. Bending notes and ripping through lightning-fast solos feels natural and effortless. The 22 medium jumbo frets are expertly dressed for silky string transitions. Together with the 25" scale length, the neck offers familiar electric guitar feel adapted to McLaughlin's preferences.

With Clarity-Enhancing Mini-Toggle EQ Filters

The PRS Private Stock John McLaughlin utilizes special mini-toggle filters to shape your tone. They act as tuned high-pass filters, removing low frequencies while allowing treble through. Engaging a mini-toggle cuts muddiness for better note separation. You'll hear more articulate chord voicings and singing lead tones. The passive electronics keep your sound pure and dynamic. From warm jazz to searing fusion solos, you'll discover inspiring tones.

With its custom design touches and premium components, the PRS Private Stock John McLaughlin captures the jazz fusion icon's unmistakable sound. The woods, neck shape and electronics work together seamlessly to achieve superb playability and tone. For guitarists seeking the ultimate jazz fusion ax, it's a dream instrument.


  • Maple top and mahogany body
  • Hormigo neck with Pattern profile
  • African blackwood fingerboard
  • TCI pickups