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Complete Bow Care

Service Packages
Glasser Bow Exchange°
Fiberglass bows will be exchanged and not repaired
$ 40.00
$ 40.00
$ 60.00
$ 80.00
Wood Bow
$ 66.00
$ 66.00
$ 79.00
$ 94.00
Wood Bow
Heat Treat to Correct Warp (Includes re-hair)
$ 87.00
$ 87.00
$ 101.00
$ 116.00
Wood Bow
Replace Leather Grip (Includes re-hair)
$ 97.00
$ 97.00
$ 110.00
$ 125.00
Wood Bow
Replace Tip Facing (Includes re-hair)
$ 126.00
$ 127.00
$ 157.00
$ 195.00
Wood Bow
Replace Wire Wrap (Includes re-hair)
$ 117.00
$ 117.00
$ 143.00
$ 173.00
All Other Work
$ 85.00/hr
Maintenance Plans

To protect your instrument purchase, we also offer another coverage plan, Instrument Maintenance Agreement (IMA). An IMA is a cost-effective way to go beyond home owner's insurance policies and manufacturer's warranties. It includes regular maintenance check-ups, part replacements, and cleaning.

*If a technician determines playing condition repairs exceed the pre-approved amount, the customer will be provided with an estimate. *Itemized repair prices reflect a single item in this category, unless otherwise stated. *Professional level repairs are priced by estimate only

How it works

  • 1

    Take your repair to your local Music & Arts store

  • 2

    Pre-approve service package that best fits your maintenance needs

  • 3

    Pick-up and test your newly serviced instrument

Orchestral String Learning

Caring for your String Instrument

Trips to the instrument repair shop can be costly. If you want to avoid any unnecessary expenses related to the maintenance of your string instrument, it’s important that you take proper care of it. Taking proper care of your string instrument will also help you produce the best sound quality possible. Whether you play Violin, Cello or any other string instrument, this guide will help you answer some basic questions about how to best take care of your instrument.

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