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Rhythm Band Set of 24 Rhythm Sticks Standard


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An affordable, high-quality set of rhythm sticks suitable for all.

The RB802 set of rhythm sticks from Rhythm Band provide an accessible way for groups of any size to explore making music together. Constructed from durable northern hardwood, these 24 sticks produce a rich, resonant tone when struck. At 14" in length with rounded ends, the sticks are sized for players of all ages and abilities.

Hardwood Construction Provides Excellent Tone
Built to withstand frequent use, the sticks are crafted from high-quality hardwood. This material is carefully selected to generate a warm, pleasing tone when the sticks make contact. The hardwood build also gives the sticks heft and durability, allowing them to produce a satisfying "click" whether played lightly or forcefully.

Ideal Size For All Players
Measuring 14", the sticks have a length suited for both children and adults. Their rounded ends prevent injury, even when played vigorously. This combination of size and shape makes the sticks accessible for players of all skill levels in both recreational and educational settings.

Beautiful Blue Finish
The sticks feature a vibrant blue finish that is both attractive and durable. This splash of color adds visual appeal, especially when the sticks are played in unison. The blue finish is designed to withstand frequent handling and use without scratching or fading.

Perfect For Group Activities
With 24 sticks in each set, the RB802 sticks are ideal for engaging students, campers, senior citizens and other groups in musical activities. They can be used to teach rhythm, coordination and team-building in a fun, hands-on way. The sticks also work well for recreational music-making and impromptu jam sessions with family and friends.

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