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J. Rockett Audio Designs Uni-Verb Reverb Effects Pedal Black


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The best of the original meets modern features.

The Rockett Pedals Uni-Verb reverb pedal delivers the classic analog tones of the original, adds slightly more output, and sneaks in some modern functionality for added musicality, versatility and atmosphere. In addition to spending half a decade painstakingly recreating the original's sound, Rockett Pedals added ’50s-inspired spring tank reverb effects to the Uni-Verb to put even more drip on tap.

The original sounded best when placed before drives and other effects in the chain, but reverb typically works best when placed at the end. To give you the option of running the Vibe and Reverb effects individually or together, Rockett Pedals added a built-in loop to the Uni-Verb, enabling you to do so.

The Uni-Verb has two separate controls for the chorus section (Chorus Mix and Intensity), allowing complete customization over the intensity and turnaround thump of the chorus. The intensity control also monitors the vibrato, however, the Chorus/Mix control does not—both sections blend seamlessly into the output control, which allows for slightly more volume. The originals had rocker switches to select between vibe or chorus, but Rockett added a footswitch so it can be done on the fly.

The classic version ran at 24V using a fixed power cable. Rockett designed the Uni-Verb to run off of a standard (negative tip) 9V feed, but utilizes an internal charge pump to bump it up to 24V.

  • ON/OFF (REVERB) – Engages the Reverb
  • ON/OFF (Chorus/Vibe) – Engages the Chorus or Vibe
  • CHORUS/VIBRATO – Allows you to switch between chorus and vibe on the fly
  • Weight per item: 2 lb.
  • Dimensions: 4.75" x 5.25" x 1.25" (2.25" to top of knob)


  • Recreates classic vibe-style tones
  • ’50s-inspired spring reverb sounds
  • Built-in loop to separate the Vibe and Reverb
  • Two separate controls for the chorus section
  • Runs at 24V