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Roland TD-07KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Set With Simmons DA2108 Drum Set Monitor Standard


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Combine Roland TD-07KV feel with Simmons DA2108 sound for a fun drumming experience.

This exciting bundle couples the Roland TD-07KV V-Drums electronic drum set with a pair of Simmons DA2108 drum set monitors, one of the most popular electronic drum set amps on the market.

Roland TD-07KV V-Drums Set

Roland V-Drums have a well-earned reputation for realism, expressiveness and authenticity in their e-kits. The Roland TD-07KV electronic drum set fully embodies this legacy, sporting high-end technology. It's compact, capable and surprisingly affordable, making it appealing to serious students as well as gigging drummers who need to save space.

Authentic Sounds Recorded in Professional Studios

The heart of any great electronic drum set is a powerful, capable and speedy sound module—and the TD-07 meets these demands. At your command are precisely detailed acoustic drums and percussion captured in pro studios, brought to life with advanced V-Drums technologies that make them behave just like their acoustic counterparts. There’s a wide range of electronic percussion as well, plus the ability to customize each and every sound to your liking.

Play Right Away—or Dive Deeper and Customize

The Roland TD-07 is filled with inspiring, ready-to-play preset kits for instant gratification right out of the box. And when you’re ready for deeper exploration, a massive drum library awaits. Switch out one snare for another, mix up the toms, go large on the kick drum and swap heavy for light crashes and rides. Then, tune the drums, add damping and change the ambient environment at will. For the finishing touch, use the module’s individual EQs to shape the drums to perfection—just as a pro sound engineer would do. The Roland TD-07 module contains 25 slots to save these perfectly customized kits, so you can keep a library of personalized setups for every situation.

Designed to Stay Quiet, No Matter What

One of the main advantages of choosing electronic drums for home playing is that they’re much quieter than acoustic drums. But not all electronic kits are created equal. The amount of physical noise they generate can vary greatly. Backed by decades of R&D, the Roland TD-07KV is purpose-designed to be much quieter than other e-kits. Mesh heads minimize pad noise without compromising stick rebound, and special damping in the kick pad reduces noise and vibration while retaining a satisfying, natural feel. Even the stand components are designed to reduce vibration and noise transfer to the floor. Roland offers a range of optional solutions to further reduce noise if needed.

Acoustic Sound You Can Feel in Your Hands

V-Drums produce a rich array of tone colors, providing an inspiring musical experience that feels like playing acoustic drums. Thanks to advanced precision sensors, the TD-07KV’s drum and cymbal pads detect every tap, stoke, roll, flam and ghost note perfectly. Even cymbal chokes can be performed organically. The sound module processes this information on the fly, so you hear the exact correct tone as you play.

The Real Deal—Roland Mesh Heads

In 1997, Roland introduced the world’s first mesh drum head to universal acclaim. Mesh has been the standard material for e-kits ever since. Born of years of development, their unique double-layer mesh design offers natural stick resistance and rebound that feels very close to playing an acoustic drum head. Adjustable tension lets you fine-tune the feel to your preference using a standard drum key. The TD-07KV comes supplied with authentic Roland mesh heads on the snare and all the tom pads as standard, making sure you don’t miss out on the most accurate feel available.

Strong and Stable Metal Hardware

When drumming is in full swing, there’s nothing more frustrating than a stand that feels unstable or a drum that starts to move away. Built with strong materials and quality components, the TD-07KV’s hardware delivers rock-solid stability. The custom Roland drum rack provides a firm, steady foundation, while precision clamps tightly hold all components in place. Boasting the rugged durability that V-Drums are famous for, the TD-07KV is ready to stand up to years of heavy playing, day after day.

Play Along With Music Over Bluetooth

Drumming with your favorite tracks is one of the most fun and productive features of an electronic kit, and the TD-07KV makes it easy. Thanks to onboard Bluetooth, it's simple to call up tracks on a smartphone, tablet or computer, and wirelessly hear the audio through the module right alongside the drums. Video sound is transmitted, too, perfect for playing along with online songs and lesson content. And for those who don’t have a Bluetooth device, it's also possible to bring in stereo sound with a cable. MIDI transmission over Bluetooth is supported as well, allowing you to record MIDI data in music apps cable-free.

USB Connectivity for Recording Audio and MIDI

Another huge benefit of electronic drums is direct communication with music production software. The TD-07 module is an audio/MIDI recording interface in itself, with the ability to send stereo sound and multi-channel MIDI data to a Mac or Windows computer via a single USB cable. This lets you record discrete audio and MIDI drum tracks in any DAW, such as free options like GarageBand, or professional suites like Logic and Pro Tools. MIDI also triggers sounds in software-based drum instruments for studio or live playing. The USB connection on this kit allows for virtually limitless sound possibilities.

Includes 40 Free Lessons From Melodics

Melodics is a desktop app that connects to V-Drums. By playing along to step-by-step lessons and tracks, students can learn new beats, build rhythm and timing, record grooves and discover areas of improvement with the playback feature. There’s no limit to how many times students can play their 40 free lessons—they’re free for life. When it's time for more, subscribe for unlimited lessons. Your sessions no longer need to be routine—download Melodics, connect to the TD-07KV and make every minute behind the kit serious fun.

Note: Bass drum pedal is sold separately.

Simmons DA2108 Advanced Drum Amp

The Simmons DA2108 is a versatile practice drum amplifier that combines high-fidelity sound, ample power, stereo line inputs, AUX input and Bluetooth audio input. The result is a rig that provides studio monitor-style sound quality for your drums and tracks with full control of your tone via a 2-knob EQ.

Its Smart Stereo feature allows the use of two DA2108 amplifiers, immersing the player in full-surround stereo, placing each element of the drum kit in its proper place in the stereo field. The first amplifier in this setup controls the volume and tone for the full rig, making it easy to dial in the perfect sound and make global adjustments on the fly.

Place the DA2108’s versatile cabinet on the floor like a traditional amp, or take advantage of the pole mount to bring the sound to ear level. A floor/pole switch ensures consistent frequency response in either configuration.

The DA2108 includes a convenient mobile device holder, so you can practice or play along with your favorite tracks anywhere, plus its headphone output makes silent practice a breeze.
TD-07KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Set
  • Tom pad(s): 3
  • Cymbal pad(s): 3
  • Snare pad: 1
  • Kick pad: 1
  • Total pads: 8
  • Display type: LCD
  • Drum kits: 25
  • Sounds: 143
  • Effects: Yes
  • Trigger inputs: Extra crash (sold separately)
  • Mix input: Yes
  • Headphone jack: Yes
  • USB: Yes
  • MIDI: Yes
  • Training functions: Yes
  • Click: Yes
  • Pad material: Mesh
  • Zones: Dual (snare and cymbals); single (other)
  • Tom pad size: 6"
  • Snare pad size: 8"
  • Rack material: Metal
  • Kick pedal: No
  • Throne: No
Simmons DA2108 Advanced Drum Amp
  • Active/Passive: Active
  • Type: 2-way
  • LF driver: 8"
  • MF driver: Not applicable
  • HF driver: 1" compression driver
  • Amplifier class: D
  • Wattage: 100W RMS, 400W peak output
  • Mixer/preamp: Yes
  • Frequency response: 65Hz–20KHz
  • Coverage pattern: Not specified
  • Max SPL: 118dB
  • XLR: None
  • TRS: 2 (stereo L/R pair)
  • TS: Not applicable (TRS inputs are TS compatible)
  • 3.5 mm Stereo AUX: 1
  • RCA: Not applicable
  • SPEAKON: Not applicable
  • XLR: 2 (direct out, link out)
  • TRS: Not applicable
  • TS: Not applicable
  • 3.5 mm Stereo Headphones: 1
  • RCA: Not applicable
  • SPEAKON: Not applicable
  • Cabinet material: Molded PPE
  • Width: 17.25"
  • Height: 10.25"
  • Depth: 10.1"
  • Weight: 15.5 lb.


Roland TD-07KV
  • Electronic kit with TD-07 module featuring 25 preset kits and 143 instruments
  • Deep customization tools, including V-Edit, EQ, ambience and 30 multi-effects
  • 25 slots for saving customized user kits after editing
  • Snare and toms feature legendary Roland double-ply, tension-adjustable mesh drum heads
  • Configured with one PDX-8 8" snare pad with independent head and rim zones for assigning different sounds, plus three PDX-6A 6" single-zone tom pads
  • KD-10 kick pad offers realistic rebound and beater feel while minimizing noise and vibration (bass drum pedal sold separately)
  • Dual-zone CY-8 12" crash and ride cymbals with choke support
  • 10" hi-hat cymbal and integrated foot pedal, with fine incremental control between open and closed positions
  • Four-post metal drum rack and sturdy clamps with strong grip
  • Bluetooth support can wirelessly stream sound from smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth devices and send MIDI data to music apps
  • Advanced built-in metronome with adjustable time signature, note value and click tone
  • Onboard coach function provides interactive tools to build timing skills and track progress daily
  • USB for recording audio and MIDI data to computer music software
  • Support for kit expansion with a second crash cymbal (CY-8 V-Cymbal and MDY-Standard cymbal arm sold separately)
  • Simmons DA2108 Advanced Drum Amp
  • Premium 8" speaker + 1" compression driver
  • 100W RMS, 400W peak, 118dB max SPL
  • Stereo line inputs, AUX input and Bluetooth
  • 2-knob EQ to adjust your sound
  • Headphone out for silent practice
  • Place DA2108 on the floor like a traditional amp, or on a speaker pole for ear-level sound
  • Detachable mobile device holder included

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Cadmium, which is known to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to